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Gallery Wall Set Design

Gallery Wall Frames

I finished this set a while back at work, but just never got around to posting it here on the blog.

We have a video room at work where artists will come and record video content on occasion. We wanted to create several permanent ‘sets’ to avoid having to continue throwing something together at the last minute. We have a pretty small budget to work with though, so we are having to get creative when it comes to designing them {which is fine by me, I love the challenge ;)}.

We knew we wanted one set to have a very fun ‘pop’ look. So when it came to picking out a paint color for the wall, we went with a bright teal. And we went with a budget friendly wall art option, the classic gallery wall of frames.

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Wednesday Inspiration:: Gallery Walls

We all have that one big wall in our house that we aren’t really sure how to fill. It’s too big to only put up a few frames but yet we don’t really know how to fully maximize it. Creating a gallery wall is a great way to really fill wall space and also create a unique look in your home. {Source} You can create a gallery wall with various things. You can use plates {Source}


Empty frames or mirrors {Source}

Or just a lot of various framed pictures and prints.



Arranging everything on your wall can be tricky, but there are a lot of great blogs with some great tips/suggestions. Below is a list of just a few that are out there::

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Do any of you have a gallery wall in your home?

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