Weekend Plans and Deck Inspiration


Nashville weather has been crazy lately. Last weekend and for most of this week the temperatures have been in the 50s. Doesn’t Nashville know that it’s almost summer?! I’m hoping that the weather will be nicer this weekend and that maybe we can squeeze in a pool day ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m also hoping to get a lot of the projects done for our deck this weekend along with going to an antique store to see if I can find some treasures to help spruce it up even more.

My plan was to spray paint the table and chairs black. While that’s still the plan, I’ve run into a bit of a snag. So far, we can’t get the legs to come off to spray paint. Without being able to do that, the part of the leg that’s up under the glass would remain green and since the top is glass, you would be able to see the green through it. So, I mentioned this to my roommate, Kelsey, last night and she jokingly suggested I cover it in burlap (since she knows I love that stuff). The lightbulb went off, I actually could cover it in burlap. Why didn’t I think of that?

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Deck Makeover Part 1


Like I mentioned, this past weekend I decided to start the process of sprucing up our little outdoor deck. Let me just show you why it needs sprucing…

I think these pictures are proof that it is currently pit-i-ful. And yes, that brown plant in the background was my attempt last summer at gardening. Clearly I failed. I’m hoping this summer to have more of a green thumb. Here’s the flowers I bought over the weekend. Fingers crossed I can keep them alive!

Before I can really spruce up the deck, my first task is to remove this.

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