cupcake liner garland

DIY Cupcake Liner Garland & Cupcake Stands

I posted some pictures on Friday from the event I helped put together at work. One of the things I did was put a little dessert table together. Now, I didn’t have a ton of money to work with nor did I have a ton of extra time. But, I did want to make it a little special. After we decided to order cupcakes, I thought it would be cute to make some sort of decoration for the table out of cupcake liners. I had pinned this cupcake liner garland on Pinterest a while back and thought this would be the perfect decoration. {Source} Here are all the supplies I got to make my own:: 1. Fabric (I chose two different fabrics) 2. Cupcake Liners (I got both gold & white) 3. Hemp string to thread 4. Needle You start by flattening out all the cupake liners. Then trace and cut circles the same size as the liners with the fabric. Then thread your needle with the string and thread it through the fabric and liners. Since I used a thicker string, I had to make sure to get a needle with a larger eye and one that was sharp enough to go through fabric. Alternate between the different cupcake liners and fabric. Just continue stringing it until you get it as long as you want. I spaced mine out and then added a little hot glue to make sure the fabric and liners stayed spaced out the way I wanted. I also made a few diy cupcake stands to display the cupcakes. I saw this idea online. Liz Marie took plastic plates and plastic martini glasses to create stands. {Source} I found some plastic silver platters and wine and martini glasses at the dollar store and hot glued the bottoms of the glasses to the bottom of the platters. I also used some of the leftover fabric from the garland to put under the cupcakes on the platters. Here’s a look at the table again with the garland and stands. I thought it turned out pretty cute if I do say so myself!

I have this whole week off from work. I’m so excited to get some things done, do a little antique shopping maybe and of course eat lots of food on Thanksgiving. I love the holidays!

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