About Me


Welcome to Megan Brooke Handmade! I’m Megan and I’m assuming since you clicked over here, you want to learn more about me and the blog.

For starters, I graduated from Clemson University {Go Tigers} and after graduation moved to good ole Nashville, TN {back to my home state}. I somehow ended up working at a major record label for 4.5 years in the marketing department. It was a fast paced & creative job and while I was there, my creativity was awakened. As a child, I was always interested in design and decorating, but as an adult, I never thought I was creative enough to do something like that. But, it was over those 4.5 years that I ended up opening an Etsy shop selling handmade paper products, started this blog and had the opportunity to explore set designing at my job. You can see some of the sets I designed here.

My confidence in design and decorating started to grow and eventually turned into a true passion.

In 2011, while I was still in Nashville, I met this guy. You can read all about our love story and how we met here.

M + A | Megan Brooke Handmade

Living in different cities proved to be challenging so I moved to Greenville, SC {where he lived} after Christmas in December of 2012. He decided he wanted to put a ring on it and got down on one knee in April of 2013. I planned our wedding in 6 months {almost to the day} and got married in October of the same year.

Yesterday Spaces Wedding | Megan Brooke Handmade

Getting to plan an entire event for us and plan all the different aspects from food to games to decor was so fun for me. Talk about design freedom! You can see pictures from our rustic farm wedding here and here. We also had the honor of having our wedding featured on Southern Weddings.

In December 2013 we bought our first house, a 1919 fixer upper in a historic part of town, and have started the process of renovating. You can see all the latest renovation updates and follow along with us on this journey here.

We are so excited for this new season of married life and I’m beyond ecstatic to design our new house from top to bottom.

My goal and hope for this blog is to serve as a source of everyday inspiration. Whether it’s an inspirational story or pretty interiors, my desire is for this to be a place you can come to on a daily basis and leave feeling inspired in some way.

To learn more about me, be sure to check out behind the blogger part 1 and part 2.

Have more questions or want to know more? You can email me at meganbrookehandmade{at}gmail{dot}com.