Overcoming the Trap of Comparison

Comparison is the thief of joy.- Theodore Roosevelt

We live in a day and age where we have a glimpse into everyone’s lives. With Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram, we see first hand people’s accomplishments, what clothes they are wearing, what their house looks like, what their babies are doing, and who they are dating.

Sadie Robertson DaySpring Live Original

The friends we follow appear to have perfect lives. They have better, more fashionable clothes, are achieving amazing things, their lives are in perfect order, they are going on amazing dates, have more well behaved kids, and the list could go on.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of comparing our lives with the lives we ‘see’ others living through the lens of social media. It’s easy to be envious and wish we were doing ‘bigger’ things, had nicer things, or had things more together.

Sadie Robertson Scripture Verse

What we have to remember is everything else in people’s lives we don’t see online. We don’t see the clutter or mess pushed to the side for that perfect picture of their living room, or the amount of effort it took to get the baby to sit still for that picture. We don’t see the insecurity a teen girl feels when she’s posting photos of herself in her fashionable outfit.

The reality is, no one lives perfect lives. We are all living messy lives in a broken world. And God made each and every one of us different. Everyone is beautifully unique. We each have different strengths, weaknesses, interests, talents, and are each in different seasons of life.

Sadie Robertson Journal with Scripture Verses

I shared before how I fell into the trap of comparison with blogging and compared myself to other bloggers which only led me to feel defeated. I get jealous of those women with perfect bodies, posting those perfect photos of themselves in a super fashionable outfit and wish I had cuter clothes and looked like they did. I envy the women who seem to have it all together with the perfect meal plans each week, amazing home cooked meals, and a perfectly clean and decorated home.

When I fall into the trap of comparison, I know for me, reminding myself of God’s truth on a daily basis and being surrounded by positive messages is so important. Whether that be memorizing Scripture, journaling, or leaving myself little notes as reminders when envy and jealousy bubble up.

Sadie Robertson Live Original Post It Notes

That’s why when I saw the Sadie Robertson for DaySpring products at Hobby Lobby, I snatched a few of the items up. This Live Original line has adorable stuff like journals, post it notes, notebooks, and folders and has a wonderful message of living original, being confident in yourself and who God made you, and  wonderful Scripture verses to reflect on.

Sadie Robertson Post Its-You Are More Valuable

I think for teens, especially in our culture today, really struggle with self-worth and comparison. It’s something we all struggle with, myself included, but the pressures teens face today is greater than it has ever been. I love that there’s a line of products out there that teens specifically can use on a daily basis with schoolwork, but that anyone can use for their office or at home to surround themselves with positivity and encouragement.

Just Be Yourself

I’m a sucker for cute office/school supplies too, so it doesn’t hurt that everything is adorable!

Do you struggle with comparison? How do you combat envy and jealousy when they rear their ugly faces?

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  1. says

    What a beautifully timed topic for me! This summer had been rife for me to examine and better understand why I want certain things – especially things that are currently out of reach for me – and if I really want them or if I’ve been caught up in a materialistic whirlwind. What do I really need? Anyway, thanks for sharing the beautiful journals and reminders!

    • says

      So glad this topic was timely and impactful for you! Yes, I can totally relate. Sometimes we forget how blessed we truly are to have what we have, even if it feels like it’s very little. It’s all about perspective and being grateful for who we are as individuals and with the blessings we’ve been given. 🙂

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