Bookshelf Decorating:: A Work in Progress

All of our necessities have been unpacked in the house for several months now. However, all of our boxes with accessories and decor have been shoved in one of our bedrooms upstairs ever since we moved in. I had been waiting until I got most of the furniture settled to know where I even wanted things to go.

A few weeks ago I finally took the time to unpack most of our boxes with decor and start sorting through accessories.

Styled Bookshelves-Left Side

It’s almost like Christmas getting to open boxes full of things you haven’t seen in over a year {most of my decor I left boxed up when I moved into our little rental knowing we weren’t going to be there for too long}.

We have built-in bookshelves in our living room that were begging to be filled. So a few weekends ago I starting the task of filling them one by one.

Styled Bookshelves-Right Side

Styling and decorating bookshelves can be tough. Some people struggle with knowing what type of objects or accessories to use while others struggle with knowing how to strategically place them.

For me, I like to not only fill the shelves with visually pretty things, but also things that are special or have meaning.

Styled Shelves with Antique and New Accessories

When the hubs and I go on vacations or little weekend getaways, we always try to snag one thing from each place to take home as a memento to remember the trip. Many of the accessories I used for our shelves are our souvenirs from our travels.

I also like to mix a lot of old and new accessories. So vintage items like coke crates, old books, old cameras, mixed in with new design books, new picture frames, and new objects.

Styled Bookshelves-Vintage Fan and Coke Crates

My advice, don’t fill your shelves just to fill them. Even if you are on a tight budget and need to shop your house or shop cheap, be sure to select things that you really love and really want to show off in your home.

When it comes to placement, a while back I put together a post with tips for how to decorate and style your bookshelves that included the rule of triangles that tends to help balance things and make your shelving the most visually appealing.

Styled Bookshelves-Vintage Camera

When I start out placing items, I don’t necessarily have this rule in mind, somehow it just seems to work out that way.

It’s really just a matter of trial and error and playing around with things for a while until you get them the way you like.

Coastal Decor Accessories


Vintage Bike Accessory


Vintage Books and White Porcelain Vase


Vintage Fan and Design Books


Vintage Reader's Digest Books

My own shelves are a work in progress and I’ll make some changes here and there over time when I find new accessories I love and want to show off. The beauty of open shelving is it allows you to tweak and change the look of a space as often as you like so have fun with it!

If you have open shelving in your home, what’s your favorite accessory you have on display?

P.S. Who else is as obsessed with the colorful vintage reader’s digest books as I am? Rifle Paper Co. has some adorable colorful vintage looking hardback books of some classic novels that I have my eye on to add to our shelving. To get or not to get…

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  1. says

    I love your shelves! Great Job!
    I like to style mine with pretty items and ones with meaning too. I have photos from my wedding and my brother’s wedding which my husband and I were both in. I’ve noticed lately that some decor items are just there because I’ve had them a while but I don’t really like them anymore.. I think it’s time for a bit of an update! Fun!

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