Why The Blogging Silence & Updated House Pictures

We’re still alive and well. I’m sure many of you may be wondering why this space continues to be so quiet. After all, now that we’ve moved into our new house there should be a lot of blog-worthy content, right? I’ve honestly been wondering the same thing myself.

The fact is, the words just haven’t been there.

Front Door with Boxwood Wreath

I could just dump a lot of pretty pictures without any substance or content to the words that go along with it, but that hasn’t felt right.Β  If you are taking the time to come to this little slice of the blog world, I want it to be worth your time. I want to share stories, encouragement, and inspiration. I want you to leave getting something out of what you just read or learned about.

Renovating a house for a year and a half took a lot out of us. I used every ounce of creativity I had in me, and then some, when it came to designing our little home. We absolutely love it but, my creativity was just depleted as a result.

Hello Goodbye Doormat

Even with low creativity levels, something else was at bay that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. It was more than just about creativity.

Blogging is wonderful in so many ways. The people you meet, the connections with readers, there’s so many things that I love about it. But, along with it can come some negatives, one of which being pressure.

Pressure to churn out the next best project, pressure to increase your viewership and the number of people who read your blog daily. Pressure to post consistently on social media, garner enough likes for the things you share online, and pressure to produce Pinterest-worthy photos.

Antique Ladder with Tea Towels

Even with the pressure, it’s something I’ve loved. But, I think at times I loved it for the wrong reasons. Without even realizing it, I found worth in the number of pageviews my blog had, the number of likes my photos got on Instagram, the number of views my post got on Facebook, and the number of times a photo was pinned to Pinterest.

I would compare myself to other bloggers whose posts would garner tons of attention and feel defeated when my post got hardly any.

Dining Room Trestle Table with Restoration Hardware Chairs

It’s a vicious rat race you can find yourself in. An addicting one.

I was listening to a sermon last week all about our current culture and some of the things my generation is struggling with, specifically with technology, social media, and a sense of entitlement. One of the things that was mentioned was the need to take a sabbatical from whatever it is you are addicted to. So whether it’s your phone, social media, or computer, removing the thing that brings you the most pleasure.

I think this is exactly what I’ve done over the last 6 months or so, slowly, without even realizing it.

Target Threshold Stitched Pillow

I needed to step away for a little bit to realize how unhealthy things were. I also needed to step back to realize that the world, and the blog world specifically, is still there regardless if I’m posting consistently or not.

My little unintentional break has changed my perspective. I no longer care about the numbers, whether it be pageviews or social media likes/shares. In fact, I haven’t looked at my pageviews in months. For all I know I may only have one reader left {hi mom!}.

It’s also eliminated the pressure. I no longer feel pressure to post, just for the sake of posting and keeping up with a schedule.

Screened in Porch with Stone Fireplace

It’s something that was rolling around in my mind back when I came up with my word of the year for this year. The thoughts and feelings weren’t fully formed yet, but are more fully formed now.

There’s freedom now when it comes to blogging for me. I feel free to post and share whatever is on my heart, whenever, without worrying about the amount of attention the post will receive.

One of my biggest prayers is that this little space can be used to glorify God, however that looks. Whether that’s just sharing about our journey or inspiring someone with both pretty {and not so pretty} pictures.

Antique Trunk Coffee Table

For those of you that have stuck around and continue to leave comments and express interest in our little journey, thank you. Thank you for the support and encouragement you’ve given over the last several years of this blogging gig. It means a lot.

Now that we got that out of the way…onto a life update. We have now officially been in our house for 2 months and it feels more and more like home everyday. I still have a long way to go with regards to having it fully decorated, but that’s ok. I’m in no rush.

These are just a few pictures from around the house of some of the fun decorating touches so far and some of the spaces that are more decorated than others.

Ombre Target Threshold Pillow

We have yet to officially hang anything on the walls {although I recently bought something and found the perfect location so that will hopefully change soon}. I’ve been waiting until we finalize furniture in rooms before I start punching holes in the wall.

We ordered a few additional furniture pieces that should be here this summer so hopefully by fall this place will feel a little more lived in. I’m still on the hunt for some pieces for our entryway, dining room, and my office.Β  But it’s coming along, slowly but surely!

Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread Sign

In the meantime, you can find me hanging out in our screened in porch all summer {I heart indoor/outdoor living}.


Front Door Mat: Pottery Barn

Antique Ladder:Β  City Farmhouse- Franklin, TN

Tea Towels: World Market & Bliss Home

Dining Room Table: Furniture Classics Limited

Dining Room Chairs: Restoration Hardware

Dough Bowl: Pottery Barn

Dining Room Chandelier: Ballard Designs

Embroidered Pillows: Target

Ombre Pillows: Target

Daily Bread Sign: Face to Face Designs

Outdoor Curtains: Pottery Barn

Outdoor Furniture: Summer Classics

Antique Trunk: Postcard from Paris Home

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  1. says

    Beautiful post, Megan! Building our second home in the past 3 years, I completely get where you’re coming from! Just know that I’ll always be here reading πŸ˜‰ Love the new home and can’t wait to see where you go from here! Cheers to you and your new outlook on blogging!

    • says

      Thanks Erin! That’s so sweet of you to say. P.S. Big props for you for doing this twice in 3 years. I think I would go insane. πŸ™‚ Saying prayers for you for the big day today!

  2. Janice says

    Beautifully written and heart-felt. I like reading blogs like yours – the occasionally update rather than blogging little projects that may or may not be worthy of the time. Your home is beautiful! You are quite talented in the design area!! Enjoy that lovely porch!

  3. Candice says

    Beautiful pictures Meghan! I am so jealous of your porch with that drool worthy fireplace. I think what I like best though is what you said, sharing who you are and how you feel. I read many design blogs and have become so disappointed by those that have become nothing more than paid commercials for their sponsors. I appreciate your writing from the heart and would rather have infrequent posts from you than to be bombarded daily by why I should use Frog Tape or a certain lightbulb. Follow your heart.


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