Around Here:: May Edition

There’s been a lot going on in our world these days, so since I haven’t done an ‘around here’ post in a while I thought today would be the perfect time to fill you in on the details of what we’ve been up to.

Starting: to feel normal again. The last few weeks have been non-stop with moving, unpacking, and subs still coming in to fix things. Things seem to be getting back to normal and I can finally just enjoy the house and this next phase of making it our home.

Looking: forward to enjoying this space this summer and fall. We ordered some outdoor furniture that arrived a few weeks ago and we already broke it in this past weekend. Since this picture was taken, I’ve also added an outdoor rug. Just need to get a few more outdoor pillows and some accent tables and we’ll be good to go!

Screened-in Porch

Getting: in shape. Now that it’s warm, I have no excuse for not getting out. I’ve been trying to go on as many walks after work as I can and have considered joining the local YMCA {admittedly partially because they have an outdoor pool…this pale girl needs some sun this summer}.

Loving: our new cowhide rug. It’s currently residing in my office upstairs. That’s really the only thing I have for the space as of now. I’ve always wanted a cowhide rug and finally caved when I found this one on Joss & Main for a great price. Now I just need to get an actual desk and chair in order to start enjoying this space too!

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Learning: to have patience and to give myself a break. With this new house, I could easily pressure myself to decorate every square inch as quickly as possible and keep it looking pristine. But, making a house a home takes time, and I’m learning that it’s ok to have unfurnished spaces and for things to not always look completely perfect. It’s about making your home comfortable and for people to feel welcome. We want our home to bless others, however that might look, and I can’t wait to see how God uses it and us.

Welcoming: our first house guests this past weekend. My parents came into town and I was so excited to finally get to have guests stay with us. I celebrated the occasion with some pretty fresh hydrangeas to welcome them to our new home.

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Thinking: about how much I love this time of year and wish it could be spring/summer year round. There’s so many fun things to do in the summer and places to go. I’m just going to relish these next few months as long as I can.

Planning: to make lots and lots of smoothies with fresh strawberries I picked up at the farmer’s market this past weekend. I found this recipe online that calls for just strawberries, bananas and pineapple juice and I can’t wait to start making them once the bananas get ripe.

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Needing: to catch up on tv shows and movies that have recently come out. There are so many movies that have come out on dvd recently that I’ve been wanting to see and shows we’ve recorded on our dvr that we haven’t had time to watch. The next rainy weekend you’ll know where to find me {parked in front of the tv vegging out}.

Walking: around downtown Greenville at one of our favorite festivals that happens every May called Artisphere. A bunch of local artisans set up booths and sell their wares. There was lots of jewelry, photographs, paintings, and pottery. I was hoping to find some artwork of some sort for the new place, but didn’t really come across anything that spoke to me.

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Enjoying: my morning quiet time outside. I’ve always struggled to be consistent with a dedicated time to spend in the Word {I’ve tried morning, lunch time and at night before bed}. Now that we have a screened in porch, I’ve been getting up a little earlier and having my quiet time outside while eating my breakfast. It’s only been a few days, but so far I think this is a habit that’s finally going to stick.

Shopping: for potted plants and flowers. While my mom was in town this past weekend, I put her to work helping me spruce up our outdoor spaces with some flowers. I have the blackest of thumbs and have zero knowledge about plants and flowers so I definitely needed some help.

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Liking: having a beautiful shiny dishwasher {like really liking}.  I haven’t had a dishwasher for a few years now and I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying getting to use one again and the time I save from hand washing every single dish for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Taking: care of all these new pretties {or trying at least}. I am bound and determined to turn my black thumb green. I actually enjoyed potting everything and love how it made our outdoor spaces come alive. Who knows, maybe this will be a new hobby of mine and I’ll start planting all kinds of flowers around our yard {have to prove I can keep these alive first}.

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Hunting: for a fiddle fig leaf tree. I’ve heard they are hardy {aka hard to kill} and I think our powder room could use one of these pretty trees. I think I’ve found a local nursery that has some so stayed tuned for pictures if I’m able to snag one.

Hoping: to get our place completely organized by the end of the month. To just get things unpacked and boxes broken down, some stuff just got put away in places that might not be the most functional. Now that we’ve lived there for a few weeks and see how we use each space, I see a trip to the Container Store or some other place to get lots of fun organizational items to better utilize every inch of our home.

What have you been up to lately?

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  1. Amanda howard says

    I do t know if you remember me, my husbands great grandparents owned the house previous to you. We drive by on occasion to see your progress and the house looks beautiful, congratulations!!!! 🙂

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