Appliances, Hardwood Flooring, Plumbing, Oh My!

Ya’ll, we are getting so close to the finish line! We are 94% done. There’s only a few more things to get accomplished but then after that, we’ll be at the mercy of the inspectors and the city before we’ll be able to move in. We’re hoping to be in at the end of March or early April at the very latest. I’ll show you what’s been accomplished since my last update.

The front door we picked out was installed. This past weekend I finalized our stain but actually getting it stained will all depend on the weather. Don’t think you can apply stain in these frigid temps. Anyone else sooo ready for spring??

Front Door

The painters came back and applied the final paint colors to all the walls. All the pictures before were just tinted primer. Here’s a look at the final paint color for the powder room. I think it looks so good against all the white board and batten.

Final Powder Room Paint Color

The lockers in the mudroom have been painted and my mudroom door has been painted! Seeing that made me giddy! I’ve always loved the idea of having a pop of color on a side entrance door and this little mudroom space seemed to be the perfect place to make that happen. The color is Sherwin Williams Fleeting Green.

Mudroom with Painted Door

All of our plumbing fixtures have been installed. Here’s a look at our kitchen faucet. You can see a source list for all of our plumbing here.

Pioneer Bridge Kitchen Faucet

The cabinet guys came back also and added the glass front to our kitchen cabinets and installed some other final cabinetry pieces.

Glass Kitchen Cabinets

You also may have noticed we now have a kitchen backsplash. We went with white subway tile with a light gray grout to match the gray walls and the gray veining in the countertops.

Subway Tile Backsplash

The painters also got our mantel painted.

Painted Mantel

And got our built-in bookshelves painted.

Painted Built-In Bookshelves

The walls in our living room are the final paint color as well and I couldn’t be more thrilled with it! Can’t remember if I’ve shared the door out to our screened in porch before but it’s an accordian door so you can slide them out to the side and have one big indoor/outdoor living space. Who wants to come hang out this spring/fall out there with us?

Accordian Doors

Here’s a look at our plumbing fixtures in our master bathroom. I loved the hot/cold knobs and thought it added a nice retro feel.

Master Bathroom Sink Fixtures

The shower fixtures were also installed.

Master Shower Plumbing Fixtures

Our appliances were delivered this week. Our fridge is currently sitting out on our screened in porch. Isn’t it a beaut?

Frigidaire Refrigerator

And the rest of the appliances are inside. The electrician is supposed to come back this week to install the rest of the light fixtures and also install all the appliances.


You may have noticed in several of the pictures, we now officially have hardwoods!! We’ve been waiting on these for quite a while but they were worth the wait. I’ll be deciding on a stain color later this week and they will be finished next week.

Hallway with Hardwoods

The tile guys came back this week and finished grouting all the tile. The floor tile in the laundry room was covered up before but here’s a look at it now.

Laundry Room Tile

Moving up to the upstairs, here’s a look at the final paint color in here and the floor tile.

Guest Bathroom

All the plumbing fixtures in the upstairs bathrooms are the same. Both showers have these plumbing fixtures.

Upstairs Showers Plumbing Fixtures

And these sink faucets.

Upstairs Bathroom Plumbing Fixtures

Now that there’s an actual timeline for when we will potentially be in, I’m now in full on moving mode. I’ve started packing up all the wedding gifts we received over a year ago that have sadly been sitting in our basement/garage over the last year and continuing to purge.

I refuse to move anything to the new place that we no longer need or won’t eventually use.

Here’s to hoping everything passes inspection, and quickly, so we can get rocking and rolling!

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    • says

      I saw that! The weather here has been crazy! I’ll take 60 degrees any day over below freezing. 🙂 Fingers crossed lots can happen next week with the warmer temps!

  1. says

    So light and airy, love the color choices! I would keep the hardwoods in their natural state, just poly, I love seeing all the variety of colors and it’s so warm looking. Whatever you choose will be awesome! What a wonderful job you have been doing! Can’t wait to see it all with your furniture! I’m sure you are more than ready to move in!

  2. Jenny says

    I just love all your pain choices. Would you mind sharing for those of us who are “design challenged” ? 😉

    • says

      Hi Jenny! Some of the paint you see in the photos is still just the tinted primer! Look for a post later this week or early next week with final pictures and all the sources listed!

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