Renovation Update:: Exterior Painted & Stained

Did you guys think I fell off the face of the earth? Sorry for so much silence. I’ve been trying to work on being more intentional about my time and over the last few weeks that’s equaled blog silence. Sorry about that!

It’s been a while since I’ve done an update on our renovation progress. Part of that is due to the lack of actual progress. There’s a lot of reasons why but one of the factors has been weather. The exterior couldn’t be stained or painted in cold or rainy weather, which is what it’s been the last several weeks. But, before that and recently, we’ve had some good weather so some good painting has been accomplished.

New Tree

All the brick has been painted minus the front columns and stairs which I’ll share a little bit more about in a bit. Also, notice the pretty new tree in our front yard! We had to cut down several trees in our front yard which was sad, so we made sure to find a substantial tree to put out front as a replacement.


Here’s the finished carport {minus some paint touch-ups that still need to be done}. Since my last update, they’ve also installed the bronze metal roofing on the front porch and carport.

Painted Brick

To add some additional color to the exterior, we’ve decided to paint some of the brick out front a different color. We’re hoping to paint the areas noted above {front steps and all the brick that’s turned vertical around the porch and steps} Sherwin Williams Hardware. That would also be the color of the shutters on the second story.

Today I actually submitted the paperwork to the city for the paint color change so fingers crossed it gets approved and we can cross that off the list soon!

Stained Decking

Most of the decking out back has been painted as well. Now before you say the same thing my husband did {it looks like a giant marshmallow}, the trim around the bottom of the deck will be stained along with the screened in porch ceiling and handrails. So there will be some pretty contrast to come.

Stained Ceiling

Yesterday we had great weather and the painters were able to come and stain all the beadboard ceilings under the carport, front porch and screened in porch. I was nervous that it wouldn’t be dark enough but I looove how it turned out!

Brick Wall

Progress on the inside has been stalled partly due to heat, or lack thereof. Nothing else can be installed until the heat gets turned on to prevent warping, cracking, etc. For whatever the reason the gas company is taking forever to come out and get everything hooked up. But, we’re hoping that happens sometime this week.

But one interior update that was able to happen is that our brick wall has been re-installed. For those that are new, this is the original brick wall that was on the back of the house that we wanted to keep inside. But due to some cracking, they decided to take all the brick down and put it all back up. So so happy with how it turned out!

Brick Fireplace

We also had the builders save some of the original brick from the back of the house to be used for the fireplace. That way it matches the brick wall in the adjacent dining room and is another way to incorporate the old into the new.


And last but not least, the beginnings of our stairwell has been installed.  Loving how this is looking so far too!

This process has taken much much longer than we thought {like 6 or so months longer}. But even though it’s been frustrating at times, seeing how it’s come together and continues to come together {regardless of  how slow}, I can’t help but feel incredibly blessed and thankful. This is our dream house and I can’t wait to use it in ways that God will be honored and will bless others.

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