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It’s officially a new year and for most, it’s back to the daily grind of work and school. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed some much needed time off over the holidays. It’s been really rainy and gray so while I did get some productive things done, I also allowed myself to be lazy and just relax.

It’s been a while since I’ve done an Around Here post so here’s what we’ve been up to over the past month or so.

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Spending: time with family. We spent Thanksgiving in Hilton Head with my husband’s family and did lots of bike riding, scavenger hunting, playing and eating. It was fun to all be together and spend some time at my favorite place, the beach!

Looking: forward to reading Unbroken. I borrowed the book from my dad and I’m hoping to start reading it soon. I’ve heard so many good things about the story and want to get the book read before I go see the movie. Have any you read or seen the movie?

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Visiting: this little guy in Knoxville. I finally got a chance to drive up to Knoxville for the day and hang out with this little dude. I was honored to be a part of his first Santa experience at the mall and of course loved getting to spend some time with his mommy too.

Taking: a pasta workshop class. As part of our Christmas gift to each other we are taking a cooking class together later this week that’s all about how to make your own pasta. I love any and all Italian food and I’m pumped to learn how to make my own noodles from home.

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Celebrating: the 100th birthday of the little old neighbor who lives down the street. Hazel lives a few houses down from our new house and I had heard so many fun and neat things about her, I was dying to actually meet her. The ladies on the street threw her a little birthday lunch in December and I was so excited to get to be a part of it and chat with her. The chorus group from the elementary school down the street paid a surprise visit and sang a few Christmas carols and of course sang Happy Birthday to sweet Hazel. It was so fun!

Feeling: really grateful for grace. I fall short every single day in so many areas of my life but I’m so thankful I worship a God that extends grace and loves me despite my shortcomings.

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Shopping: for rugs for the house. I paid a visit to Restoration Hardware while I was in Nashville for the holidays and checked out some of the rugs they had in store and snagged a few rug samples. They are currently running a store-wide discount and I’m debating about snagging one to use in our dining room. For some reason though, I’m terrified to officially make the transaction. Such a big purchase and I’m afraid of making the wrong decision. #ruganxiety

Admiring: the new exterior look of our house. They finally painted the exterior brick on the house and painted the front windows bronze to match the sides and back. I think we got so used to the red/orange brick, the new color was a bit of shock. But, after the windows were painted I really started to see the overall vision. Can’t wait for the shutters to go up along with all the other bronze selections to really get the full picture.

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Walking: around my second favorite downtown, downtown Franklin, TN. While I was in Nashville visiting my parents, my mom and I had some good girl time getting pedicures and doing some shopping. Next to Greenville’s downtown, I love spending time in downtown Franklin and checking out the local boutiques.

Playing: lots of Bananagrams. We had a family game day the day after Christmas and I got hooked on the game. I bought the game for myself when I got back home and am trying to coerce my husband into playing with me.

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Laughing: with these lovely ladies. I got to spend some time with friends while I was in Nashville. Spending time with this group of women is always good for my soul, not to mention they introduced me to the Serial podcast which I then proceeded to binge listen to the whole 5.5 hours back to Greenville in the car. I got hooked, but was disappointed there wasn’t really a ‘conclusion.’ Anyone else feel the same way?

Eating: popcorn. The hubs and I are on a popcorn kick lately and have it as a snack after dinner several nights a week. My parents got us an air popcorn popper and we are pumped to give it a try and ditch the microwave popcorn we’ve been eating.

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Ringing: in the New Year with good food and good company. Several of us ate a yummy New Year’s Eve dinner at a somewhat fancy restaurant in Traveler’s Rest. I’m not much for fancy or dressing up, but something about New Year’s calls for some extra glitter and sparkle and a touch of fancy don’t you think?

Starting: a new job this week. Yesterday was my first official day at the new gig and I couldn’t be more excited about this new season and what God has in store. Love being a part of a bigger vision and furthering the kingdom on a daily basis in some way.

What have you been up to lately?

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  1. says

    What wonderful ways to spend your “resting” time! lol!
    Comments: Haven’t seen the movie, Unbroken, but the trailers look amazing….did you like it? My hubby and I usually don’t go to the movies and wait for them to come to tv, but this one may be worth going and paying to see…
    Popcorn has been popular in our household too, except for me, the skins and kernels get stuck in my teeth too much so I’ve cut way back, and my hubby has switched to peanuts in the shell. He needs something as a snack and the peanuts make him work a little bit for the nut!
    During this quiet time with slow design work, I was able to make gifts for my hubby’s sisters 5 of them from a vintage mink collar of their Mother’s beloved coat that she gave me a few weeks before Christmas to do whatever I wanted with. I ended up making ornaments, an owl, squirrels, fox and kitty. They came out so well, and I was so relieved! You can view them here
    New Years was very quiet reflecting a bit but mostly thinking about making each day an appreciation day for everything and everyone.
    Wishing you much happiness each day with the unfoldment of your new house and new work!!

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