Southern Living Showhome Tour

I was hoping to start pulling out my Christmas decorations this past weekend and get a few things up, but it didn’t happen. The mood just never struck. However, my Christmas cards did come in last week and I did get half of them stuffed and addressed. That’s something, right?

Since I’ve yet to get into the festive mood, I thought I would share some pictures I took a while back.

Back in October we saw a sign in town that there was a Southern Living Showhome that was open for visitors. Even though we’ve pretty much picked out all the major design selections for our house, we still love to look at new houses to compare things and also get some decorating inspiration. I still have some furniture and rugs I need to purchase for the house, so we thought it would be good to pay a visit and get inspired.

Southern Living Showhome

The house sits on top of the mountain and has a rustic/mountain look on the exterior and absolutely stunning views.

I’ve blogged before about how much I love adding texture to walls and the shiplap throughout the house had my heart fluttering. It was seriously gorgeous.

Southern Living Showhome Stairs

One thing that I thought was neat is that instead of doing multiple pendants above the kitchen island, they did one large chandelier since this space had a large vaulted ceiling.

Southern Living Showhome Kitchen

They used the same chandelier next door in the family room and with both together, it really made a big impact on the space. Not only do I love the shiplap on the ceiling in this living room, but I also love how they combined it with the stone on the fireplace. So.much.gorgeous.texture.

Southern Living Showhome Living Room

I was paying special close attention to a lot of the rugs and colors they used. I have a tendency to be drawn to only neutral colors so it was good for me to see some of the patterns they brought in using the furnishings and rugs.

One of the main colors used throughout the house was blue, which isn’t a color I would normally be drawn to, but I really liked it. They painted part of the dining room in a dark navy color and it looked beautiful next to the stark white shiplap. I also loved the sconces and little mirrors they hung on the wall.

Southern Living Showhome Dining Room

The master bedroom continued the blue theme with dark blue walls and blue bedding. They had some really pretty artwork {not pictured} that I really liked and have since inquired about. I think something similar would look really good in our new master bedroom.

Southern Living Showhome Master Bedroom

I didn’t take a ton of pictures in the master bathroom {I’m not good at photographing spaces with overhead lighting}. But, I did take a picture of the pretty free-standing tub they had and took note of all the accessories and towels they had nearby.

Southern Living Showhome Master Bathroom

As you went downstairs, they continued the shiplap on the walls.

Southern Living Showhome Staircase

Downstairs was another living space with pretty furnishings and accessories. One thing you can’t see well is the floor. It’s actually a concrete floor that they stained and added a gloss finish to. They also installed pretty coffered ceilings.

Southern Living Showhome Downstairs

In addition to a living space and a theater room downstairs, there were also a few additional bedrooms and bathrooms. I’m hoping to eventually get an upholstered bed for our master bedroom and the one they chose for this bedroom, along with the mirrored nightstands, I really liked.

Southern Living Showhome Guest Bedroom

One of the biggest selling points for the house was the gorgeous views so of course they had to create a beautiful outdoor space. I thought these outdoor dining chairs were neat and different.

Southern Living Showhome Deck

Back in July I started looking for outdoor furniture for our screened in porch. But, once I realized we would be moving into the house in the dead of winter, I decided to wait until Spring to purchase anything. I had been leaning towards a more rattan/woven look, but thought this outdoor furniture set was really pretty.

Southern Living Showhome Screened in Porch

What’s your favorite part of the house?

For more information on this Southern Living Showhome, visit Dillard-Jones Builders.

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