Renovation Update:: It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like a House

I couldn’t help myself with the title. Since everywhere you go already has Christmas decorations, Christmas candy and Christmas music playing. Anyone else feel like they start promoting Christmas earlier and earlier each year?

Anyways, I was finally able to pull together a renovation update for you guys. I wasn’t able to give you guys an update the whole month of October {minus some sneak peeks in this post}, so a lot has certainly changed since the last update.

All the drywall and trim has been installed and interior painting has begun. It’s really starting to look like a house which is really exciting!

Here’s a current picture of our powder room. We decided to install some board and batten and I went with a darker gray color for this space since there’s a lot of natural light and I thought it would contrast well with the all white board and batten.

Powder Room Update

I’m thrilled with how the board and batten turned out and can’t wait to see everything else installed in this space soon.

Here’s an updated shot of the hub’s office. We decided to keep the original fireplace that was in this space but the mortar around it needed to be ripped off. We’re currently debating what to do with it, either cover it back up with drywall or leave it exposed. Because there are lots of broken brick and because selfishly I want to be able to hang things over this fireplace, I’m leaning towards having drywall put back up.

Office Update

We do have the exposed brick on the other side in the laundry room from the fireplace so I think between that and the exposed brick in our dining room I think we’ll have enough.

Here’s an updated shot of the kitchen. For all the main spaces we went with a light gray color. Something neutral that would fit with a variety of furnishings and finishes.

Kitchen Update

Here’s how the dining room on the other side of this space looks now. The brick wall is being put back up this week so I can’t wait to see how it will look now that we have walls and paint.

Dining Room Update

Here’s the current view of our living room. The interior of the accordian doors have been painted white to match the rest of the trim.

Family Room Update

We’re currently working on a design for both the interior and exterior fireplaces so hopefully we’ll be able to lock that in and get things installed relatively soon.

Living Room Fireplace Update

Here’s our master bedroom. Since my last update, we picked out all our interior doors and you can see what they look like in this picture. We went with a style of door that looked very similar to a lot of the original doors in the house. We’re planning to use some of the original doors in a couple of places and loved the idea of picking out something that felt old and went with the character of the house.

Master Bedroom Update

Because they still have the windows covered with a film to protect them during painting, these pictures aren’t great, but here’s a glimpse of the color we’re going with in our master bathroom. We’ll also use this same color in our laundry room. All the paint you see in the house is actually just tinted primer, the actual paint will go up this week. This is pretty close to what it will look like though.

Master Bathroom Update

I have to say, I didn’t really have any trouble at all picking out the neutral gray colors for the house. But when it came to picking out colors for these spaces, it took me some time, and several samples, to make a decision.

One of the other places we decided to add color to in the house is the interior of our mudroom door. It will eventually be painted a greenish/mint color and taller board and batten will also be installed on the right hand side. On the opposite side will be built in lockers.

Mudroom Update

Here’s an updated shot of our stairwell.

Stairwell Update

And an updated shot of my office.

Upstairs Office Update

All the tile flooring in our laundry room, master bathroom and guest bath upstairs has been installed and they’ve started to install the tile in the showers. Due to painting they haven’t finished, but hopefully I’ll be able to share pictures of all that soon {all the floors are currently covered to protect them}.

This is the other bathroom that will eventually be tiled. However, we’ve had somewhat of a tub saga in here and tiling is on hold. The original tub we ordered for this bathroom was too small so we ordered the larger size and returned the other. Four tubs later it looks like we finally have the correct one that will hopefully be installed soon.

Jack and Jill Bath Update

We had the wrong model delivered and then the next one they sent was the right model but the drain was on the wrong side. Fourth times a charm in this case!

Here’s a current picture of the guest bath. It has a slightly darker gray wall color than the main spaces which I think is going to look gorgeous with the tile we picked out!

Guest Bath Update

That takes care of most of the interior {all the other bedrooms look the same as the rest of the main spaces with the same trim and wall color}.

Now to the exterior. Here’s an updated shot of the carport. They still have to paint and stain, install the columns above the brick piers, and build the stairs out from the mudroom door.

Carport Update

We officially have a completed deck.

Deck Stairs Update

With a pretty built in bench.

Deck Update

All the building for the screened-in porch is complete as well. They just have to install the actual screen and then paint and stain everything. We will be staining the ceiling and all the handrails and then everything else will be painted white.

Deck Painting Update

I think this is one of the spaces we’re most excited about. We had a tree cut down in our front yard a few weeks ago and we already chopped up all the wood and are storing it to use for our first fire out here.

Screened In Porch UPdate

We’re told cabinets will be installed this week and once the granite fabricator can come out and officially measure, we’ll be able to order all of our quartz countertops. The exterior of the house should be painted soon as well.

Before we left for Kenya we were able to see an actual sample of the planned brick paint color {which was picked out before we bought the house} and I didn’t personally love it. So, we picked out new exterior colors and got them approved from the historic review board. Can’t wait to see what the house will look like all painted. It will look completely different!

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