31 Days to Building Your Dream Home

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Day 1: Scroll down & read about why I’m writing about this topic

Day 2: Managing Expectations

Day 3: Budget, Budget, Budget

Day 4: Think Long Term

Day 5: It Doesn’t Have to Be the Dream at First

Day 6: Remember You Are a Team

Day 7: Stage 1

Day 8: Lighting Resources

Day 9 : 5 Tips for Selecting Appliances

Day 10: Plumbing Fixtures

Day 11: Staying Organized

Day 12: Know the Bottom Line

Day 13: How to Prepare for Your Electrical Walk Thru

Day 14: Stage 2

Day 15: Researching Pays Off

Day 16: Expect Delays

Day 17: Countertop Selection Process

Day 18: Tips for Making Countertop Selections

Day 19: Stay One Step Ahead

Day 20: 5 Tips for Making Tile Selections

Day 21: Don’t Second Guess Yourself

Day 22: Creating Functional and Beautiful Cabinetry

Day 23: Stage 3

Day 24: Flooring Options

Day 25: How to Select Paint Colors

Day 26: Don’t Forget to Have Fun

Day 27: Stage 4

Day 28: Accessorizing Your Bathroom

Day 29: Landscaping & Fences

Day 30: Punch List

Day 31: It’s a Wrap


My husband and I have spent the last 8 months planning, renovating and partially building our first home together. If you are new here, you can see the entire renovation progress here.

While the house isn’t completely done just yet, I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting over the last 8 months and everything that has been accomplished between then and now. We’ve made 1,435,528 decisions, spent countless hours researching, and learned a lot about the building process over the course of the last 240-ish days.

I had never owned my own home before this, let alone done any sort of renovating or building. I love interior design, but I was a little nervous about all the decisions I would have to make. Not to mention it is our first year of marriage and I was afraid that renovating/building as a couple this early on in our marriage might be a recipe for disaster.

However, now that we’re almost through the toughest part of the renovation, I can say that it really is an amazing experience getting to build our dream home. A home that we plan on spending the rest of our lives in.

As a couple we’re learning how to communicate better and learning about the importance of working together as a team.

I’ve decided to join up in the Nesting Place’s 31 day series for the month of October and blog each day for the entire month about building your dream home. For the next 30 days I want to share everything that we’ve learned along the way from how to manage expectations, the importance of researching, and maintaining a budget as well as practical tips for selecting the design components of your home like lighting, tile and paint colors.

If you were like me and had no idea what you were getting into, I hope this series will be helpful and encouraging. The process doesn’t have to be super scary and stressful. It’s an exciting time and I’m here to help you enjoy it a little more along the way.

Hope you will follow along!

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    • says

      Definitely a learning experience Bonnie. ๐Ÿ˜‰ And yes, we’ve definitely learned not only a lot about building, but also about each other and I have to say we’ve seen that we make a pretty good team!

  1. says

    We’ve actually tossed around the idea of building lately and I know that if we do I’ll be coming here for tips and advice! So excited for you guys!

  2. says

    I can’t wait to read more…unfortunately hubby and I don’t seem to work together very well…I have the vision and he brings it to life…but in terms of being in the same room while the vision is happening…even after 22 years we can’t get that part right…ha. Looking forward to the rest of your posts…xo

    • says

      I totally understand! We’re probably crazy for doing this in our first year of marriage, but so far it’s been going good! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Anna says

    We built our 1st home and I loved every part of it. I think this series is so helpful for those thinking about building. ๐Ÿ™‚


    • says

      Thanks Anna. That’s what I’m hoping. Having gone through it I’m learning a lot and hope to share some of what I’m learning with others!


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