31 Days to Building Your Dream Home:: Think Long Term

If you are taking the time to build or renovate an existing home, you are more than likely planning to stay in your new house for several years, maybe even decades. As you finalize plans and make selections, it’s important to think long term.

You may not need the extra storage or extra bedroom or bathrooms now, but will you a few years down the road?

My husband and I don’t currently have any children, but we plan on having kids at some point in the future. That factor played into some of the changes we made to the existing plans for the house.

Unfinished Basement

I’m a bit of a hoarder and have a lot of stuff. While I purged quite a bit some this past summer, I still have several boxes and things that will need to be stored. We have extra bedrooms upstairs that each have closets that I could realistically store stuff in, but those will hopefully eventually be our kiddos’ rooms full of kid clothes and kid toys.

Not to mention, with kids, there will probably be lots more things that will need to be stored {you better believe I’m going to hoard their first outfits, kindergarten drawings and special toys}.

In other words, storage was a major issue and factor to be considered. The existing plans didn’t have any storage whatsoever.

floored attic

But, before we got started with construction, we talked to the architect about adding a basement. We were able to get a small unfinished basement and also add some floored attic storage. Both things were huge to making the house work for our family long term.

It’s also important to think long term when making all the various decisions along the way. We’ll get into the budget later, but when making financial decisions that might put you slightly over your allowance or budget, the long term future of the home and you as a family should be considered.

Do you plan on living there for decades? Then maybe it’s ok to spend a little more on countertops or tile you will really love and enjoy for the next 20 years.

Spending and investing more in various areas of your home can also benefit the overall value of your home for the future and can be an upfront investment that will pay off later.

Staying within budget is hugely important, but the long term should be considered when formulating that budget in the beginning.

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