31 Days to Building Your Dream Home:: Staying Organized

As you start to get into this whole crazy process, you’ll start to realize that there’s a lot to keep track of. A lot of deadlines, meetings, selections and numbers to keep up with.

My advice, create an organizational system from the get-go to avoid getting in over your head and feeling overwhelmed.

Satying Organized

This can look different for different people. Some people may prefer an all digital organizational system with spreadsheets, etc. while others prefer physical binders, notebooks and planners.

I fall somewhere in between the two.

Just like I utilized google docs for planning my wedding, I also created a few google documents to keep track of various things for our renovation.

The two main spreadsheets I created were a budget/expense tracking spreadsheet and a selections finishes/selections spreadsheet. Here’s what each of those looked like before I started filling in details.

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 12.51.10 PM

I wanted to track of everything I picked out in every room {so plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, paint colors, etc} so I could see each room slowly come together and have a record of what was chosen to reference down the road if needed.

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 12.56.39 PM

I also created an expense spreadsheet.  Every time a check was written or something purchased, it was recorded in this spreadsheet {check #, amount, etc}. Each section was broken out by our allowance by the builder and then I made a section designated just for our overages. Once we met our allowance amount, numbers would automatically start going into the overage section.

Renovation Organization

I also kept track of meetings in my daily planner and had a notebook dedicated to just the renovation. It’s where I took notes in every meeting, kept track of business cards/contact information and made lists of questions to ask or things to do following each of our meetings.

There will be lots of questions thrown at you, figures to keep up with along with samples, drawings and brochures. It’s important that you figure out a system that works for you for keeping track of everything so you don’t get behind or lose something important.

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  1. Cathy says

    Really great ideas! I’m like you, I like to do both. Those spreadsheets look awesome! & your notebooks are adorable!


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