31 Days to Building Your Dream Home:: Stage 2

Now that your house is completely framed and stage 1 selections have been made {plumbing, appliances, lighting}, stage 2 of construction will commence.

Can Lighting Installed

This means all the rough-ins for your plumbing, electrical and HVAC will be installed. In short that means all the pipes, electrical wiring and can lighting is installed. Anything that will go behind the walls or the ceiling needs to be configured because following installation and inspections is drywall!

Ya’ll, this stage of the process is a game changer. Once drywall goes in, your house will feel like a home.

What may have seemed like a never ending process with no end in sight now will now feel completely different. You will be able to clearly see how each room in your home will look and start envisioning the finished product.

Electrial Wired

I literally almost cried happy tears when our drywall was finally installed. It was something that we had been waiting on for months. Seeing actual walls in our house was huge.

If you are a regular reader of the blog, you’ve probably been following our renovation journey. If you are new to MBH, you can see all the renovation posts from the beginning here.

A few weeks ago our drywall went in and I’m too excited to wait until this series commences to share an official renovation update. So before I go into stage 2 selections that need to be made, here are a few in-progress shots of the drywall in all its glory installed in our house.

Hub's Office with Drywall

Powder Room with Drywall

Kithcen with Drywall

Family Room with Drywall

Master Bedroom Drywall

My Office with Drywall

Who knew plaster could make this girl so happy?

During this phase, stage 2 design selections need to be made. Cabinetry drawings need to be finalized, you need to select your countertop materials and colors, select tile for all wet areas and determine tile design and also select doors to be used throughout your home.

We’ll go into a few of these selections more in detail coming up, but these items are needed next because they will be installed in the next phase of construction.

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