31 Days to Building Your Dream Home:: Stage 1

So you are now armed with lots of advice, ways to prepare for this upcoming process and have a budget in-hand. Now what?

Assuming you already have your building plans finalized and construction drawings signed off on, now the fun begins!

Here’s a little overview and breakdown of all the various building stages.


This will vary a bit if you are renovating vs. building. For us, the main part of our house was completely renovated while we added an addition to the back which was a new build so our process looked a little different than most.

With most renovations, the first thing they will do is completely gut the inside of your house down to the original wood framing. The room or your entire house will look completely different down to the bare studs {which if you are renovating is probably a good thing since there was something you were looking to change}.

Stripped to Studs

With new builds, the first thing the building team will do is prep the ground and start laying the foundation and pour the footings.

Once both of those steps are complete in either a renovation project or new build, the next step is framing. Rooms will start being framed or re-framed in the case of a renovation.

With a new build this process can go fairly quickly. With a renovation, it could be a completely different story. Renovating a home, which is typically older, you never know what you are dealing with until you start ripping things out. Depending on how extensive of a renovation you are doing, old electrical work, insulation, or previous problems like water damage or fire could mean extra unanticipated work and a longer timeline.


My advice, be patient. Once this initial stage is over {no matter how long it may take}, things start to move more quickly and you’ll start to see things taking shape.

While all this construction and demo is happening, stage 1 selections need to be made. This includes plumbing fixtures, appliances and lighting. I’ll go into each of these more in depth later, but these selections affect some of the things needed immediately after framing is done and, in some cases, will affect future design selections.

The fun has just begun!

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