31 Days to Building Your Dream Home:: How to Select Paint Colors

For some of you, picking out paint is torture. Who knew there were a million shades of gray not to mention there’s now a billion different white paint options out there.

Paint can look one way on a swatch, but completely different up on your wall. It can be frustrating and exasperating.

Trust me, I’ve been there. Just last week we had to make final paint selections for the interior of our house. Lucky for me though, I’m a neutral girl and knew the type of colors I wanted to use. But, I still had to choose between a multitude of shades and narrow down what I wanted to do for each space.

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Here are a few things that helped me select paint colors without wanting to pull my hair out.

Choose a Main Color or Color Palette

Before you start looking at swatches, decide what main color or color palette you want to use throughout your house. For example, do you want your house to have mainly tan or beige paint colors? Or maybe grays? Make your life easier by deciding on the main type of paint color you like {grays, browns, greens, blues, etc} and then go from there.

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Pay Attention to Undertones

The next thing you’ll want to do is pick a shade of the color you are gravitating towards. There are a variety of shades of grays, greens and browns {some darker, some lighter} and each have different undertones. There are beige paint colors with gray undertones, blues with green undertones and grays with purple undertones. A good trick is to pay attention to how the paint samples are organized at the paint store and the paint swatches themselves. The swatches with a certain undertone color will typically be arranged closest to that color.

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Always Paint a Sample

Never, never, never {did I mention never already}, paint your walls before buying some sample paint and painting a small part of your wall. Paint colors can look so different in different rooms and different homes depending on lighting and the rest of the furnishings and finishes in a home. Just because you see a house online with a paint color you love and want to replicate it, doesn’t mean it will look exactly the same in your own home. Save yourself time and headache and test it out in the actual space you are planning to use it.

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View It at Different Times of Day

After you have painted a sample on your wall, be sure to view it at different times of day to make sure you like how it looks as the light changes. It may look exactly like you want in the morning, but may appear completely different in the evening. Take a look at it in the morning, mid-day and evening to ensure the coloring doesn’t appear drastically different throughout the day.

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Consider Room Size

One thing to keep in mind when selecting a shade of paint color is the size of the space. If you like the idea of going with a gray paint color in a small bathroom for example, if you don’t have a lot of natural light, you might consider a lighter shade of gray to avoid the space feeling even smaller. Certain paint colors can also make a space feel larger than it is which is great for smaller rooms.

Paint can completely transform a space and can enhance the overall style of your home or individual rooms. At the same time, unlike other design selections that might be difficult to change down the road, paint can be easily changed. If you live with a color for several months and just really can’t bring yourself to love it, that’s ok. A new coat of paint can replace the old in no time at all.

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