31 Days to Building Your Dream Home:: Remember You Are a Team

We’re almost to the good stuff but there’s one more important thing we need to discuss.

When things get stressful, remember you are a team.

This mainly applies to a couple looking to renovate or build, but it’s so so important.

You Are a Team

You and your spouse or significant other will disagree along the way {it’s a fact}. You will each have your own opinions, styles and preferences and a lot of times, those will conflict with one another.

One of you will prefer a certain light fixture that the other doesn’t. One of you may lean more towards a more modern or minimalist style {cough: my hubby} while the other prefers a more rustic and feminine look {cough: me}.

It’s tough to make some of the major decisions when building when you don’t see eye to eye. But, ultimately you have to remember that you are a team. It’s not you against them. It’s not a competition to see how often you can get your way.

Rustic and Masculine Style


Discuss the reasons for your differences and see if you can’t come up with a compromise. Maybe you won’t get the light you really like, but maybe you can find one you both like.

For my husband and I, I think what really worked for us and helped us avoid major conflict was assigning certain parts of the house and decisions to one another. For instance, I gave full reign to my husband when it came to doors, landscaping, appliances, flooring, trim detailing and the basement. Those are areas that aren’t part of my skillset so he made most of the decisions for those.

I was in charge of making most of the design selections and working with our assigned designer. So I’ve been the one to pick out the plumbing fixtures, lighting, tile, cabinetry designs and countertops. Those are areas that my husband didn’t care too terribly much about and trusted my taste and style to make good decisions.

Farmhouse Kitchen


Now obviously there was discussion with each other with everything. I definitely wanted his input on some things as did he, but ultimately the decision rested with each of us respectively.

Seeing your partner’s strengths and allowing them to utilize them without getting in the way will really make a huge difference.

If your partner loves anything related to the yard, let them have fun with picking things out. If your partner loves design and decorating, let them have some freedom to make design decisions.

Work together as a team but trust each other to make decisions for the both of you.

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