31 Days to Building Your Dream Home:: Punch List

Once all your final selections and landscaping has been installed and finishing touches have been made to your house, it’s officially time to move in!

Well, not quite if you are working with a building company.

Before you will officially move in, your builder will want you to go through the house and do a final walk thru. You’ll make note of any minor touch ups that need to be made whether it’s with paint or flooring, if certain elements needs to be adjusted or re-hung or any last minute changes need to be made. This is called a punch list.


Inevitably the workers who have been at the house will have nicked a wall or door or scuffed the floors. A light fixture may be slightly off center and now that everything is officially in place, it’s more noticeable and needs some adjustment.

This is the time to make a list of every little thing that needs to be fixed or addressed.

Once you sign off on everything, it will be much harder to get them back in to fix things without incurring additional fees.

But, once everything is fixed to your satisfaction, it’s officially time to move in!

All the stress, decisions and blood, sweat and tears you’ve endured over the last several months will now be all worth it.

You have a beautiful home you can FINALLY enjoy.

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