31 Days to Building Your Dream Home:: Know the Bottom Line

Decisions and selections will need to be made fairly quickly throughout the building process. Especially a lot of the design selections.

The type of plumbing and lighting you select will affect location of pipes and electrical wiring. Your builder will need to know these selections early on before the next stage of construction takes place {drywall and insulation}. Appliances will also need to be selected early on to due to the fact that some of the gas and electrical components of these appliances will affect location of wiring as well as affect cabinetry layout and dimensions.

In a lot of cases, you will need to make your final selections for all three of these things simultaneously. At times you will feel rushed to quickly make selections.

Know the Bottom Line

However, it’s important to know the bottom line dollar amount before you finalize anything.

Depending on your contract, the various components that they spec for your home could be pretty vague {i.e. there isn’t a dollar amount associated with them}. In those cases, I highly advise that you reach out to your building team to receive the standard list of selections from the vendors with a final total.

For us, the plumbing that was in our specs didn’t have a dollar amount associated with them, only a brand/line of fixtures. In order to know if some of the fixtures we selected would be way over our allotted allowance, we requested the standard list of plumbing selections and compared that with our selections.

Little upgrades here and there will quickly add up. You may want a nicer faucet for your kitchen or have your heart set on a gorgeous chandelier that is pretty pricey. Before you buy anything or sign on the dotted line, know what your exact allowance is and what your personal selections total up to be {with tax, shipping & handling, etc.} before finalizing and moving on.

Without knowing the bottom line, you may sign off on selections that will put you several thousand dollars over your budget and force you to sacrifice future selections.

Don’t let the pressure from your building team force you to make decisions you will later regret. Communicate with the team that you need to know the bottom line at each step along the way before you feel comfortable signing off on anything.

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