31 Days to Building Your Dream Home:: Expect Delays

Ask anyone who has built or renovated and they will tell you that it will take longer than initial estimates.

With a renovation in particular, you’re dealing with unknowns. Your builder, or even you if are doing it yourself, will have no idea what issues might await once walls and drywall come down.

There could be poor wiring, rotting wood or concealed damage that will only be discovered once the renovation begins.

Expect Delays

You can run into problems with new builds too. They could run into rock in the ground that takes extra equipment and time to dig out or excessive rain or snow could hold up the progress early on in a project before exterior walls are built.

All in all, delays are just inevitable. The estimated time frame your builder gives you for when you will move in is just that, an estimate.

It’s all a delicate puzzle and when one part can’t be completed for whatever reason, the project can be held up.

My greatest piece of advice is to anticipate delays and go into this process knowing the move in date they give you will in fact be pushed back when it’s all said and done.

Expect Delays

Take for example our house. Construction started around March and we were told it would take 6-8 months with it more than likely falling on the conservative end of closer to 6 months. It’s now October and our house is slated to be done, as of now, hopefully before Christmas. That’s over 9 months. That’s over 4 months longer than the conservative 6 months range we were given.

If you are building or renovating you’re probably selling or have sold a house and might be renting a place until your house is finished. With that, the completion date you are given for your house mostly likely affects how long you need to rent or when to put your house up for sale.

Adding a month or so to that estimated initial time frame will help you sign the appropriate lease that prevents you from being homeless or having to move a second or third time into a friend’s house or in with your in-laws.

It also will help you manage expectations and not be disappointed when the house isn’t ready when they initially said.

Go into the process expecting longer, that way you’ll be pleasantly surprised if you’re in sooner.

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