31 Days to Building Your Dream Home:: It Doesn’t Have to Be the Dream at First

I know you are probably wondering when I’m going to get to the concrete details of actually building or renovating your house. I promise we’re getting there, but if you haven’t already gathered, planning ahead and doing some work and preparation on the front-end, before you even get started, will make this process go so much more smoothly {trust me}.

One of the things my husband and I discussed early on before the renovation started is that this house doesn’t  have to be the ‘dream’ the day we move in.

Doesn't Have to Be the Dream At First

I’ve always dreamed of gorgeous wood beams on the ceiling and a vanity made from an antique dresser, for example. But who says we have to do those now before we move in? We’re planning to live in this house for decades, so the fact is, we can always add or do those things later down the line.

Creating your dream home takes time. The memories you make in it and the small things you change over the years are what makes a house a home and the ultimate ‘dream.’ This goes for every home, not just a home that’s newly built or renovated.

If you plan on spending several years in your home, you don’t have to get it perfect right at the start.

It Doesn't Have to Be the Dream at First-Wood Ceiling Beams


With that said, there are some things that aren’t easily changed that need to be selected with the ‘dream’ in mind from the beginning. Things like countertops and tile, for example, are costly and expensive to rip out. Make choices for those items in particular that you really love and can live with for many many years.

The fun details like board and batten, wallpaper, and certain light fixtures can be added to the list of things you wish to add to your home once you’ve saved up enough money.

Having this mindset will alleviate the pressure to overspend or stress over the teeny tiny details. You have a lifetime {or at least several years} to make those minor changes and additions.

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