31 Days to Building Your Dream Home:: Accessorizing Your Bathroom

One of the last few interior design decisions you’ll need to make for your home is the final touches in your bathroom. This includes any bathroom accessories like towel bars and toilet paper holders and bathroom mirrors.

These might seem like unimportant decisions, but these last remaining details will really complete the space.

Much like accessorizing with jewelry can complete an outfit, accessorizing your bathroom properly can really finish off the overall look.

Don’t believe me?

Take a look at these gorgeous bathrooms where the final accessories really add beautiful design detail.

The bathroom mirrors you select can really enhance the overall style you are looking to acheive. Take this mirror for example. The curvy organic lines contrast the more square and rectangle elements of the vanity and tiled floor in this master bathroom. The mirror also adds a lot of personality yet blends beautifully in this space.

Unique Bathroom Mirror{Source}

In this vintage powder room, the mirror is the focal point. The frame color contrasts with the stark white walls and the curvy shape enhances the overall vintage vibe. Instead of adding traditional towel bars, etc., the retro vanity serves as a place to store and hang hand towels.

Antique Mirror{Source}

Creating contrast is a lot of times the key to creating a beautifully designed space. Using a contrasting shape for the mirrors and vanity is one way to create an elegant space. Even the other bathroom accessories like the towel bar play off contrasting shapes by using round towel rings to match the mirrors.

Accessorizing Your Bathroom{Source}

Depending on the style, in some cases, keeping your bathroom accessories’ lines similar to the rest of the space can be just as beautiful. Take for example this modern bathroom. The sleek straight lines of the towel bar match and blend with the clean and simple lines of the rest of the bathroom finishes like the tub and tile.

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 1.14.27 PM{Source}

Have you ever thought of bathroom accessories as elements that can really influence the design of a space?

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