Final Cabinetry Drawings

I finally crossed off another major design selection decision last week. I officially signed off on all of our cabinetry drawings.

We went back and forth for a few weeks on some of the minor changes. But, the main reason it’s taken so long is because we’ve been waiting for the upstairs bath to be completely framed out so they could get accurate measurements {the main bathroom wall couldn’t be finished until the stairs/stairwell were finalized and built}.

But, final measurements have been taken and everything has been finalized. Cabinets will hopefully be ordered this week but we probably won’t be ready to install for another 5-6 weeks {at least we’re ahead of the game and not behind}.

Cabinets may seem like such a basic, boring thing, but there are so many different things you can do to cabinetry to personalize them to your taste and style. So today I thought I would share with you the final drawings and mention some of the changes and tweaks we made to fit our needs and taste.

Let’s start with the powder room. I’ve always loved the idea of converting an old dresser into a sink. But, just from a time perspective and cost, it just didn’t make sense to try and make this happen right now. So instead, I tried to make the powder room vanity look as close to a piece of furniture as I could. The bottom is all open shelving so I’m planning to put baskets down there with various things guests might need. The wood will be stained a dark color and the detailing in the cabinets will have a black glazing.

Powder Room Cabinetry

Next is the master bathroom. I wanted to make our master bathroom look as close to a piece of furniture as well so we added legs to the base. Each sink cabinet will also be bumped out a few inches for some added interest.

This whole vanity will be painted white.

Master Bathroom Cabinetry

The laundry room is where we spent some time tweaking. The first round of drawings just felt like a lot of cabinetry. I wanted to try and break up the cabinetry a bit and also make this space more functional for us. We created some open shelving underneath some of the cabinets above the washer and dryer and also added some open shelving on the far left-hand side. To save some money and make it easy, we actually just kept the same size upper cabinets that are on the right side of the window but are just fashioning shorter and smaller cabinet doors.

The hubs and I both tend to line dry quite a bit of clothes, so we’re also installing a hanging bar below some of the open cabinets to allow some space for those to hang and dry.

Laundry Room Cabinetry

Next up is the all important kitchen. We also spent some time on this space tweaking it in order to make it work for us. Since kitchens serve a mainly functional purpose, it was crucial that we designed the cabinetry in a way that made cooking and cleaning in here efficient {while also making it look super pretty}.

This kind of gives you an overall look at all the kitchen cabinetry. You can see a list of all the appliances we’re using here.

One of the things I was super excited to get to incorporate into our island was some built-in shelving. You may remember me posting some kitchen inspiration pictures and one of the things I loved was having some shelving in the side of the island for cookbooks, etc. We were able to make it happen and I’m thrilled!

Kitchen Cabinetry

All the cabinetry in the kitchen will be white with the exception of the base of the island. To break up all the white and to make the island stand out a little bit more, the island base will be a dark gray color.

Since we don’t have a hood, I wanted to add some visual interest on some of the wall cabinets. So between the two kitchen windows will be some open glass shelving. I’m planning to display colorful kitchen accessories and our new dinnerware we got as gifts from our wedding there.

Kitchen Cabinets with Sink

You may be wondering why the upper cabinets don’t have any crown molding. The plan is to build a soffit above all the upper cabinets in the kitchen that will sit directly on top of them and the crown molding will be installed at the top of the soffit instead. The reason being, I personally don’t like that awkward random space above cabinets. I never know what to put up there, and what you do end up displaying just collects years worth of dust. Maybe I’m the only one that feels that way.

I originally wanted to add additional cabinetry above the main cabinets, but that would have been double the cost. So the idea is for the soffit to make it look like the cabinetry goes all the way to the ceiling from a visual standpoint, but in a much more affordable way. I’m hoping it will look something along these lines.

Here’s the drawing of the front-side of the island. We’ll have plenty of deep drawers for pots and pans and our microwave drawer will be installed on the left.

Front of Kitchen Island

On the island opposite the side where the built-in shelving will be is an additional cabinet for storing kitchen accessories. If you can’t tell, we tried to maximize storage however we could!

Left Side of Island

Moving upstairs, to the jack and jill bathroom. This space will have two separate vanities with a built-in bench with drawers between. Since this will more than likely be a kid’s bathroom one day, we just kept everything pretty basic. No added feet or upgrades. All the cabinetry in this bathroom will be white.

Jack and Jill Bathroom

And last but not least, the other full bathroom upstairs {what we’re calling the guest bathroom}. Since this will be a bathroom that will more than likely be used by guests, we decided to also upgrade and add some tapered feet to this vanity. Other than that, we kept it pretty basic. This vanity will also be all white.

Guest Bath

I’m one email away from finalizing our knobs and hardware for all our cabinetry. As soon as I make up my mind, I will share with you my final selections on those as well. I think we’ve also finalized our countertop selections which I will share with you soon.

Everything is slowly but surely coming together. I think I can see how it’s all going to look in the end in my head, but hopefully it will look as pretty as I’m envisioning!

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    Hi there…found your blog as I was looking at the PB Bolton lanterns. Also noticed that you had the piedmont lantern from Ballard designs. I am remodeling and can’t decide on which lantern. My island will be 8×4 and I have 10-11 ft ceilings. Not sure what size to go with. I want 2 above the island. Would love your advice. Thanks,


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