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Well folks, it’s officially fall, with the first official day of autumn being yesterday. Ready or not, it’s here. Summer is over. I bought a few white pumpkins this past weekend at the farmer’s market to officially commence the new season and make our place feel a little festive. Next on the list, bust out all my pumpkin scented candles.

September has shaped up to be a pretty good month so far though with fun trips, events and scores.

Here’s what we’ve been up to around here these last few weeks.

Burleson Family Reunion

Traveling: to West Virginia for a family reunion. We got together with my husband’s dad’s side of the family over Labor Day weekend. We’re all scattered all over so it was so good to get together and visit with everyone. Most of the family I had only met briefly at our wedding so it was really good to get to spend more time with them and get to know everyone better.

Studying: the book of Revelation in our weekly bible study. It’s a book that’s always been super confusing yet extremely fascinating to me andwe’re excited to be going through it together this year with several other couples.

Looking: for a fun exercise class to start attending this fall/winter. I went on walks this summer after work as my form of exercise but now that we’re slowly losing daylight hours and temperatures are only going to get cooler, I need to find a class to actually go to. I’ve taken some Pure Barre and Zumba classes in the past and just paid as I went. I’m thinking I need to pay for a membership for so many months to really motivate me to go on a regular basis. Any fun classes you guys like and recommend?

SRS Bike Race

Watching: my husband race his bike in his last race of the season. The cycling season is officially over and the hubs {and I} are so glad to get a little break and enjoy some much needed downtime.  He finished 2nd in his very last race and finished 3rd overall in the series he participated in. So proud of this guy and all the hard work he’s put into it.

Hoping: that we’ll be in our house before Christmas. I shared with you guys that things haven’t exactly gone to plan with the house and our move-in date continues to be pushed back. But, since then we had a really positive meeting with our project manager and it sounds like they will be able to make up some time. Assuming they don’t run into any additional problems, it looks like being in by Christmas is fairly realistic. Wahoo!

Brainstorming: ideas for our Christmas card this year. I know, it’s September and it’s probably a little too early to be thinking about that. But, I love sending out Christmas cards. Last year we used a photo from our wedding. Trying to figure out what photo to use this year and if we need to have an impromptu photo shoot and get a new one.

Indie Craft Parade

Supporting: handmade artisans at a local craft event. You may remember me attending The Maker’s Summit back in March. This same group puts on a craft fair every year and it’s always a huge success. This year I scored a few fun things you can see here including a new Christmas ornament, new dish towel for our new place, cute decor and some locally brewed coffee {for the hubs}.

Working: on selecting paint and tile for the house. Dry wall is going up at the end of this week we’re told {yippee} so it’s time to make final paint selections and finalize tile. We’re super close to finalizing tile, just need to get some paint chips and start narrowing down paint colors. I think I have a general idea of the colors I want, just hoping that with all the options out there it’s not too stressful to make final selections.

Enjoying: watching re-runs of 19 Kids and Counting in the mornings. I know that might sound weird, but I used to religiously watch The Today Show every morning before work. But lately, I feel like all you hear about are depressing and scary things going on in the world. I decided I wanted to start my days off on a more positive and uplifting note and what better way to do that than with the Duggars?

Old Tobacco Basket

Scoring: this amazing old tobacco basket from another local craft fair this past weekend. I have always wanted to have one of these but never ran across any. So when I saw a vendor that had a few, I couldn’t walk away without snagging one. I already have an idea of where I want to hang it in our new place.

Deciding: when it’s time to switch out my wardrobe for the new season. Does anyone else struggle with the in-between temps? I never know when it’s no longer appropriate to wear open-toe shoes and can’t decide how to dress when the high is 80 but it’s 60 when I leave in the morning. I would almost it rather just hurry up and get to official fall-like temps so I know it’s safe to wear boots and fall jackets/sweaters.

Feeling: old. My 10 year high school reunion was a few weekends ago. I can’t believe I graduated a whole 10 years ago! It feels like yesterday. Even though I couldn’t attend, it was neat to see people post pictures on the event’s Facebook page and re-live some of those memories.

Mom and Dad Visiting

Visiting: with my parents. My parents came in town this past weekend and it was so good to spend time with them. We took them to one of our favorite places in Saluda, NC for dinner one night called the Purple Onion.  Their food is amazing and on the weekends they always have live music which is fun.

Trying: to find new recipes to make this fall. Since we have a lot of after work activities, I’m always on the hunt for easy and quick dinner ideas. Last fall/winter I had several recipes in rotation but I’m looking to find a few more to add into the mix of things. Anyone have a favorite go-to quick fall meal I should try?

Sharing: some exciting news and things that are happening next month. Let’s just say it involves a lot of blog posts and a 16+ hour plane ride. Stay tuned for a post later this week with more details!

What have you guys been up to lately?

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  1. says

    I take Jazzercise classes and absolutely love them! There used to be a class at Cleveland park but sadly it’s not there anymore. I go to the one in Taylors now. I like zumba, too – I took a few classes at Studio SI a while back!

    • says

      A class at the park sounds like so much fun! I’ve done the Zumba classes at Studio SI and might go back. Just trying to decide what I’ll enjoy the most and be the most committed to.

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