Unique Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Now that we have all our lighting finalized {and almost all ordered} there’s still one more thing left to pick out.

{If you aren’t aware of our lighting saga, I had everything picked out only to discover during our lighting walk thru that a few of the fixtures I selected were in fact too large for the space. But, thanks to your votes, I was able to find replacements.}

But back to what we still have to pick out.

When we bought the house the previous owner, who had attempted to renovate it himself, had already bought two new ceiling fans for two of the bedrooms. They aren’t the prettiest, but they are new, so we’re planning to re-use those in the bedrooms upstairs.

But, we still need an outdoor ceiling fan for our screened-in-porch.

On my hunt, I’ve come across some really cool and unique outdoor ceiling fans. Here are just a few that I loved.

Unique Outdoor Ceiling Fans

1. Dynamic Dual Rotational Ceiling Fan // 2. Casa Vieja Big Sky Ceiling Fan // 3. Wooden Blade Directional Ceiling Fan // 4. Carter Ceiling Fan // 5. Whitcomb 3 Blade Ceiling Fan // 6. 48″ Combination Fan

How cool are they? I absolutely love the galvanized ceiling fan from Ballard Designs and have been trying to figure out a way to make it work with our budget.

In general though, the majority of the ‘cool’ ceiling fans are more expensive and unfortunately don’t fit within our budget. We did find a ‘slightly’ unique outdoor ceiling fan from Home Depot that we’ll probably end up getting {and because we have a gift card, it’s what you might say free}. It’s a little different than your run of the mill ceiling fan, but not too out there.

We’re planning to have 4 can lights in the ceiling in this space, so the ceiling fan doesn’t need to have a light {and really I would prefer it not}.

We have a little bit more time until we need to order so I’m continuing to look around online in hopes that I come across a super cool {cheap} outdoor fan.

Anyone know of any good sources for outdoor ceiling fans? I’m all ears!

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