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The exterior of our house is almost entirely bricked. We met with our project manager yesterday to go over a few details in order to ensure the interior work can continue. One of the things we need to decide on soon is in regards to materials and design for our outdoor and indoor fireplaces.

Cost will play a huge factor with what we end up choosing in the end, but I’m having a hard time deciding on the type of look I want for each.

I pulled together some of the images I’ve been gathering with looks and ideas that I like to hopefully help make a final decision soon.

Outdoor Fireplace

All of our brick will be painted white so if we decided to do an all brick outdoor fireplace it would be painted all white as well, similar to the below. I think this looks really beautiful and clean, but can’t decide if there’s not enough color and contrast.


The other option for the outside is stone. I actually really love the look of stone and love how it ‘feels’ outdoor. Love this look of stone paired with just a simple chunky wood mantel.


Or another stone option would be something like this that’s more sleek with clean lines and a simple concrete mantel.

Outdoor Stone Fireplace {Source}

Indoor Fireplace

Our indoor fireplace juts out from the wall and I want to make it a focal point, so I’m trying to decide how to best accomplish this.  We’re saving a lot of the original old brick from the exterior and would like to re-use it on the fireplace. You can see the indoor brick wall that’s in the dining room from the living room so I think it would look nice with the same color brick.

I like the idea of using the brick around the surround and capping a simple white surround mantel around it. I also love the idea of planking the wall above it for additional texture.


Imagine the below brick not white, and here’s another idea I like. Just all brick below and another chunky wood mantel above.

Interior White Brick Fireplace{Source}

Another idea is to brick the entire fireplace from top to bottom like this using either a white surround mantel or simple straight across mantel {wood or white}.

Interior All Brick Fireplace{Source}

And last but not least, I’m toying with the idea of painting the entire fireplace area an accent color using brick for the fireplace surround instead of the tile/stone used below. It feels a little too bold and daring for me, but it does look fun. I could always paint the wall above the fireplace a fun accent color and stick to the traditional fireplace look below.

Painted Fireplace{Source}

What do you think? Which outdoor and indoor fireplace design do you like the most?


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  1. Debbie says

    I vote for the first one! Simple, clean and won’t take away from the house. Plus, you are painting it white and some of them might be too big or look like an inside fireplace. Love following you!!

    • says

      Thanks for the vote Debbie! I’m hoping to make a decision soon and cost will factor into that. The white does look simple and clean. 🙂 And thanks so much for the sweet compliment. Made my day!

    • says

      Thanks for the vote Jennifer! We’re still trying to decide {cost will play a major role in our decision} but I do love the pop of color too!

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