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I can’t believe August is almost over. I know for some of you, the kiddos have gone back to school so it’s back to early morning wake up calls and routine schedules. I’m not even in school but all this back to school talk gives me major anxiety. However I do miss getting fresh school supplies {aka: colorful Sharpie markers for doodling and freshly sharpened #2 pencils}.

Even though summer is officially over with school back in session, hopefully you are still able to enjoy some summertime activities for just a little bit longer. We still have one more official family vacation coming up over labor day weekend where we’re hoping to still enjoy some last minute summer fun.

Here’s what else we’ve been up to and have coming up.

August Edition- Furniture Shopping

Shopping: for furniture for the new place. We had a successful shopping trip on our way up to Raleigh to visit the hub’s parents. We scored this lovely dining table and since then we’ve purchased some chairs to go with it along with matching counter stools. Next on the list to purchase… a couch.

Praying: for family members that are going through health issues and the sad and scary things happening in this world. There doesn’t seem to be a day that goes by where something tragic or scary isn’t being reported on in the news. I’m so comforted to know that this world isn’t my home, but only temporary. I look forward to the day when there will be no more sadness, anger or destruction.

 Hoping: to go to a Clemson game this year. Now that I live only 45 minutes away from the University {as opposed to the 5.5 hours previously} it’s about time I visit my alma mater and get my cheer on.

August Edition:: Serving

Serving: in a new ministry at church. For the past year and a half I’ve been volunteering and subbing in the children’s ministry at church. I have a heart for the elderly though so I’m looking to serve this next year with their ministry for seniors. Bring on the precious white-haired ladies and super cute old men!

Looking: forward to getting a puppy somewhat in the near future. We’ve talked about getting one as soon as we move in to the new place and going ahead and building a fence in the backyard where it can play. Every time I see a puppy on television though it makes me want a puppy RIGHT now. #sodarncute

Counting: down the days until we’ll have a dishwasher. I haven’t had a dishwasher for the last several years. As a single girl, it wasn’t all that bad. But, the hubs and I cook a lot and boy am I getting tired of washing every single dish. I think I’m more excited about having a dishwasher in our new house than anything else {it’s the little things people}.

August Edition:: House Bricked

Loving: that our house is almost entirely bricked. It’s beginning to look like a real house, the outside at least. We’ve been waiting on stairs to be built inside for progress to continue indoors. Now that they are installed, we’re crossing our fingers that things go at a lightning pace!

Making: a new routine of picking up and cleaning our place a little each day during the week to avoid spending several hours cleaning on the weekends. Our place is small so it doesn’t take all that long, but who wants to be cleaning on a pretty Saturday or Sunday afternoon right?

Attending: the hub’s endodontic lectures to learn a little more about what he does. He’s been giving a lecture and teaching a group of dentists once a month for the last couple months and I’ve been tagging along. The first one I took away some general knowledge, but this month’s lecture was WAY over my head. I think I’ll stick to making pretty decor and writing about.

August Edition:: Knoxville Bike Race

Watching: this guy race a few weekends ago in Knoxville. He took home 5th the first day and 3rd the second. All in all I would say he did pretty darn good, and bonus, this girl came away a little richer {aka I confiscated his prize money}.

Taking: advantage of $2.99 Tuesdays at the Fresh Market and stocking up on chicken breasts. Somehow I just recently discovered that Fresh Market has chicken breasts for $2.99 a pound on Tuesdays along with a lot of other things for $2.99. I may not be the best coupon clipper but this girl still loves a good deal.

Meeting: new neighbors on our new street. The hubs and I walk up to the house at least once a week to check on progress. From doing so we’ve already met several of our neighbors across the street or next door. So far everyone we have met is super sweet and we’re excited to already know and feel a part of the neighborhood even before we move in.

August Edition:: Visiting Friends

Enjoying: time with old friends that knew you when you thought Birkenstocks were cool, who witnessed your transformation out of the awkward middle school years and dressed up like characters from Friends with you for every school spirit day possible. We’ve now seen each other get married and this little lady just delivered her first child days ago.  So cool to walk through all the many seasons of life together.

Eating: grouper cheeks for the first time. We went to the farmer’s market this past Saturday and came across a seafood place selling grouper cheeks. It sounded interesting so we decided to give them a try. The hubs cooked them up with some pasta later that night and I have to say, they were pretty darn good. Apparently people don’t think to eat this part of the fish but it’s somewhat of a delicacy.

Visiting: a tiny town in Georgia looking to score a good deal on granite. Elberton, GA apparently is the granite capitol of the world and we came across a fabricator there that offered us an amazing deal on some quartz and granite countertops for the house. We’re a little ways out from having to make a final decision and sign on the dotted line {waiting for the cabinets to be ordered} but we’re hoping it will go through and we’ll save a good chunk of money.

August Edition:: Plants Growing

Watching: our sweet pepper plant finally bloom. We went out of town a few weekends ago and came back to news that it rained and flooded a bit in town while we were gone. The downside to all the rain was that part of our basement and boxes down there were in a couple of inches of water. But, the bright side to all the rain was that our sweet pepper plant finally decided to produce one teeny pepper. A few more are about to bud so we’re hoping to have quite a few within the next few weeks.

Giving: up chocolate. No I’m not on some sort of diet or trying to eliminate sweets.  I absolutely love chocolate but it seems that my body doesn’t. Every time I eat it a few days later my face is paying for it {aka giant teenage-like zits}. Happens every single time without fail. So to ensure I don’t look like a hormonal teenager, I’ve just decided to give it up for now. Maybe in a few years my body will no longer reject it.

Needing: to get my wedding dress cleaned. Yes, I know, it’s been almost 10 months. I just figured I would wait and get it done closer to when we move where I would have a safe and clean place to store it. But, it seems our move in date keeps getting pushed back so it’s probably looking like closer to November or December for the big move. Is more than a year too long to wait?

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