How I Stay Organized

We all live busy lives. Our calendars are full of social events, kids’ activities and meetings. There’s a lot to keep track of and a lot to manage at times. Without some sort of system of organization, things will fall through the cracks {or in my case, birthdays will be forgotten}.

For me personally, with this blog, the renovation, work and just day to day life, I’ve had to create certain organizational systems to make sure I don’t forget things. It’s nothing life-changing or out of this world, but here’s how I stay organized and what works for me.

How I Stay Organized

I’m a big list maker. Nothing thrills me more than physically crossing things off a list {I admit I even sometimes like to add things to my list that I know I’ve already done just so I can cross them off and feel like I’ve accomplished something…weird I know…but true}. I’m big on writing things down and although I do incorporate some technology into my organization, the majority of it revolves around good ole pen and paper.

I know some of you may think it’s an ancient way of doing things, but it’s just what works for me.

Meal Planning

For starters, I’ve started to meal plan. My husband and I don’t have kids yet and we have a little bit more flexibility when it comes to dinner time {say if we want to get take out or go out to eat one night}. But, I’m a big planner. I don’t like to run out to the store multiple times a week. I like to get it all done in one day and have everything I need to make meals throughout the week.

In order to avoid the multiple grocery runs, I’ve started to sit down once a week {usually on Saturday or Sunday} and plan out our meals for the following week. I write them down on a cute little calendar I got in the Target dollar bin that stays on our fridge. That way the hubs knows what we’re having each night too. From the meals I’ve planned I then make a grocery list {using the notes section of my iPhone} and physically delete items while I’m shopping {aka the digital form of crossing things off a list}.

Super simple, but it helps me feel organized and less frazzled having to think of meals to make each night.

Blog Organization

If you are a serious blogger, maintaining a blog can be a lot of work. There’s expenses to keep track of, an editorial calendar to manage, social media to schedule and daily maintenance. If you are a blogger, I highly recommend this blogger planner from Mamma Miss.

{FYI she also offers a menu planner and calendars for all you non-bloggers that are great for organization too}.

There’s all kinds of sections like pages to write down your goals you want to work towards, editorial calendars each month, a place to keep track of all your social media numbers and pages to keep track of post ideas and supplies you will need.

Post Ideas Organization

There’s also sections for keeping track of your Pinterest boards and what you are pinning to them, a place to track all your income, what linky parties you’ve linked up to, guest posts you have coming up and all your blog sponsors.

Pinterest Board Tracking

There’s also a section for maintenance you need to do on your blog whether it’s a weekly or monthly basis.

Maintenance Spreadsheet

It only costs $5 or $6 and you can print as many of each section as you need {I printed the first sheet in color and the rest in black and white to save on ink}.  I got it bound at FedEx office to keep it all together.

For me this has been huge for helping me keep track of all the things that once seemed overwhelming or daunting with blogging. Now I have everything written down in one place to reference and it helps me to visually see how I’m growing each month.

Weekly Planner

Continuing with the pen and paper theme, I also have a personal planner {that I also got at Target} where I keep track of to-do lists and anything we have going on during the week. I also write down any birthdays or special events coming up so I can remember to get gifts or cards. {I also put birthdays in my iPhone calendar as a double reminder because I have a tendency to forget those things sometimes as previously mentioned}.

Renovation Organization

And last but not least the renovation. Oh the renovation… There’s definitely a lot to keep track of there.  To keep it all organized, I bought a cheap little spiral notebook that I’ve dedicated solely to all things renovation. At every vendor meeting it’s where I write down any outstanding things we need to decide on, things we need to ask the builder, prices, ideas, etc. It also has a small little pocket in the front where I keep our spec sheet to reference, our construction drawings, business cards, brochures, etc.

Even though it’s nothing fancy, keeping all that information in one place helps me to know where to find things I wrote down from one meeting to the next. I’m not having to dig around and figure out which notebook I had with me. It’s all in one place.

If I was super organized I would probably put everything together in an actual binder, but I prefer carrying something smaller with me.

What organizational systems do you have in place to keep you organized? Any helpful tips you have to pass along?

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