Rustic Chic Dining Room Inspiration

As it stands now, we’re told our official move-in date for the house is mid-October. We realize this will probably get moved back over the next few months depending on progress, so in our minds we aren’t moving in until early November.

I’ve mentioned before that the house has a large dining area that is open with the kitchen. This will be for casual occasions like family dinners but also where we’ll entertain when we have people over.

Rustic & Chic Dining Room{Source}

We currently don’t have any furniture that would work for this space and with November and December being  big holiday months, we definitely want to have something when we move in if we decide to have family in town. Since it can take a while for furniture to be made or delivered, I’ve gone ahead and started the research process.

The look I’m going for is rustic chic. I want a large trestle table with a combination of casual seating and some upholstered seating.

These dining rooms have a similar look to what I’m envisioning. Maybe a little less formal though.

Rustic Chic Dining Room{Source}

Here’s a little vision board I created to give you the full scope of what I’m thinking.

Rustic Chic Dining Room

1. Rug // 2. Chandelier // 3. Upholstered Chair // 4. Trestle Table // 5. Art Print // 6. Bistro Chair // 7. Bistro Counter Stool // 8. Lamp // 9. Sideboard

I think the bistro chairs offer a casual option and the upholstered chairs could be brought in for the ends of the table for more formal affairs.

I like the idea of bringing in color with a rug and fun art print. Of course one wall in the dining room will be brick which will offer some nice color and texture to the space.

While I may not go with these exact brands/items, I’m definitely on the hunt for things that are similar to this look.

What do you think of the direction? Do you like?

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