Renovation Update:: Windows + Beadboard

First of all, thanks to everyone who voted for our front porch light. Option #2 was the winner {and it was one of our top choices} so your votes helped push me to make the decision and go for that one! I’ve got that one officially ordered, along with the matching wall sconce for our basement door and post light for our little light post out front.

Oh, and thanks to a one day only 20% off online coupon code from Pottery Barn, the Bolton Lantern is now officially on its way to one day {hopefully soon} reside in our stairwell.

In other news, the hubs and I went to NC for the weekend to visit his family and do a little furniture shopping in High Point. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen the fabulous dining table I scored! I’m now on the hunt for some dining room chairs to go with it.

When we got back in town on Sunday, the first thing I did was check out the house to see if any good progress was made while we were gone.

On the exterior, a lot of the exterior detailing is officially complete.

Beadboard Porch Detailing

Underneath both the top and lower roof they’ve added these ‘corbels’ {I’m not sure if that’s the right word for them or not} and beadboard. The beadboard is one of my favorite parts! They will also be adding a beadboard ceiling to the front porch and you’ll see some pictures of the beadboard ceiling on our screened-in-porch on down.

Side Beadboard Detailing

We also officially have windows {minus one which sounded like it was left off the list when ordering so hopefully we’ll have that one installed soon}.

The back of the house and the windows on the sides towards the back are aluminum clad with a bronze finish.

Side and Back Windows

Because we live in a historic district, we were required to do wood windows on the front of the house and the sides closest to the front. These will be painted bronze later down to the line to match the others.

Wood Windows

Moving onto the inside, our mudroom has been framed out. This will be the entrance from the driveway and carport. To the left will be some built-in lockers.


An extension has been built on the side of the house to accommodate our stairwell. Here’s what it looks like on the inside.


It may not look all that pretty, but we’re sure glad to have the giant gaping whole in the side of our house covered up. It’s a pretty sight to us!

The electrical is moving right along as well. They’ve starting installing some of the fixtures where can lighting will be installed and also installing the wiring for where some of the actual light fixtures will hang.

Can Lighting

Here’s our pretty beadboard ceiling on our screened in porch. We’ll have 4 can lights out here along with a ceiling fan {that I still need to pick out}.

Deck Lighting

The masons are at the house this week bricking the rest of the exterior and we’re hoping to have our stairs built by the end of this week. Hopefully once both of those are done the drywall will go up soon after!

On my agenda for the next few weeks is to finalize our countertop selections, pick out knobs for our cabinets and research fireplace designs and materials for both the inside and outside. Trying to keep crossing things off list!

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  1. Amy says

    We’ve talked about the fact that my BIL and SIL live in Greenville. My husband is from High Point! Is your husband from there! Most of the furniture from my house was purchased there. I just bought a beautiful bench from there recently.
    The progress on the house is awesome!

    • says

      How funny! No my husband is originally from a small town near Ohio but his parents and brother are both in Raleigh, NC. High Point was on the way to Raleigh so we stopped to do a little shopping. ๐Ÿ™‚ Tons of good furniture and prices in that area for sure!

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