Lighting Changes & Front Porch Light Options

Remember when I revealed my final lighting selections several weeks ago? Well, I made the mistake of getting my heart set on certain fixtures BEFORE our lighting walk thru.

Before I go any further, I should tell you that measuring and spatial things aren’t really my skill set. I can tell you all day what will look good here or there, but trying to figure out the exact measurements needed, how high to hang, etc. is not my gifting.

Pottery Barn bolten Pendant

So a few weeks ago when we had our walk thru we realized I was informed that the beautiful large heart-stopping Pottery Barn Bolten pendant lanterns I had fallen in love with for over our kitchen island, were in fact too tall for our 9 ft. ceilings. Now, these could work for 9 ft. ceilings say over a kitchen table {where the light is meant to hang lower}, but guests would be staring straight into the lanterns if they ever sat at our island with these beauties.

{Insert sad face}

I also learned that the pretty lantern I found for our front porch was in fact too tall as well.

Laurent 4 LT Lantern

In my defense, my thought with most of the pendants I picked out was that I could hang it as high or low as I needed by removing parts of the chain. I didn’t take into account the actual fixture height itself. Our porch, from floor to ceiling, isn’t quite 8 ft. so a 25″ H lantern with some chain hanging down would be way too low.

But, after some thought and research, I was able to come up with some solutions.


During the walk thru, I discovered that we needed a light in our stairwell, something I hadn’t thought about. So since I loooved the Bolten Pendant and we had some gift cards to use from PB from our wedding, I decided that this over-sized lantern would be the perfect light for this space.

For our kitchen island, I decided to go with these lantern pendants from Ballard Designs {which I almost considered from the beginning}. Going with 2 in the antique bronze finish.

Piedmont 4 LT Lantern

Now that leaves the front porch.

I’ve had the hardest time finding a fixture that I really like that also fits the size requirements needed {I need something around 13-15″ in height}. But, I have found a few options and can’t decide which one I like best.

I want it to look somewhat similar to the shape and design of our carport light since both will be seen from the front of the house.

I need your help! Can you help me pick? Below are the four options I’m debating between.

Option #1

Wickford Bay Lantern Pendant

Option #2

Irvington Manor Lantern Pendant

Option #3

Quorum Hanging Lantern

Option #4

Savoy House Hanging Lantern

Pick your favorite below!

Hopefully I can cross that off my list this week!

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  1. Michelle says

    I’d go with number one Megan, I like the diffused light that comes from speckled glass.

    Good luck deciding!

  2. Amy says

    Love number 2. I’m replacing my builder chandelier over my dining room table with two of the PB lantern pendants. I love them!


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