Gender Neutral Baby Shower {Gray & White}

One of my best friends from high school is having her first baby and myself, her sister, sister-in-law and another friend threw her a gender neutral shower this past weekend. We divided up the shower responsibilities into food, decorations and invitations/paper products. I volunteered to help with the shower decor.

Since she’s not finding out the sex, she’s going with a gray and white nursery color scheme which is what the shower decor was based off of. The invitations we used had a hint of a peach color and some woodland animals which I tried to incorporate into the decor as well.

Here’s some pictures I snapped before the party started.

Gender Neutral Baby Shower- Tissue Pom Pom Display

What shower is complete without some tissue pom poms right? I ordered the ‘peach’ tissue paper off etsy. It was a little more orange and vibrant than I was expecting so I just made a few with that color so as not to overwhelm everyone’s senses.

We set up the drinks along one side and incorporated some fun striped paper straws.

Gender Neutral Baby Shower- Drink Station

Do you recognize the straws by chance? They were leftover from our wedding. Figured they might as well be put to good use!

I made little paper labels for the drinks and all the food and incorporated some woodland animals.

Gender Neutral Baby Shower-Food Labels

My preggo friend and her husband own a restaurant in Knoxville called The Plaid Apron. We hosted the shower there on Sunday afternoon when they were closed. Their pastry chef offered to make the desserts and made this absolutely beautiful cake.

Gender Neutral Baby Shower- Cake

And these yummy colorful macaroons. I never had a macaroon before, but they were delectable.

Gender Neutral Baby Shower- Macarooons

For the table centerpieces I found these cute little glass bottles from Michaels {figured they kind of looked like a baby bottle so they were fitting} and used them as vases. I made and tied little paper tags on each of them as well.

Gender Neutral Baby Shower- Centerpieces

For the tables I also made some table runners and cloth centerpieces from some gray and white chevron fabric.

Gender Neutral Baby Shower- Table Decor

We set up all the food on the main bar area.

Gender Neutral Baby Shower- Food Display

And set up a little area on the other side of the restaurant where she opened gifts. I made some little onesies and hung them on the wall to add a little decor. Her husband is the chef so one of them has a chef’s hat and she’s big into horses so there’s one with a little horse head. The rest have little animals to go with the woodland/animal theme.

Gender Neutral Baby Shower-Onesies

And last but not least, the favors. I found these cute little onesie tea bags from Etsy and packaged them up with the label ‘a baby is brewing.’ Get it? Brewing tea. It wasn’t an original idea. I saw it somewhere on Pinterest. I had no idea what to do for baby showers and researched ideas. I thought it was super cute though and decided to replicate!

Gender Neutral Baby Shower- Favors

The mamma to be and all the attendees seemed to have a good time and liked all the decorations so I would say the shower was a success. Now to decide what to do with all leftover decor. Definitely keeping the glass bottles to use for future parties!

I’ll share with you next week how I made some of the decorations.

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  1. Kristy Gentes says

    Everything came out so wonderful, Megan! I love the idea for the favors. Bonni must have loved it! Great job!!


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