How to Create Affordable Baby Shower Decor {Using a Silhouette Machine}

Last week I shared with you some of the pictures from the baby shower I recently helped throw for a friend. I made the majority of the decorations myself.

Now before you go thinking I have amazing craft talents, anyone can make all the decorations, including you!

How to Create Affordable Baby Shower Decor

Today I thought I would share with you my inside secrets for how I made everything that requires no sewing or mad craft skills. Just some time and a Silhouette Machine. Now before I go any further, I realize a Silhouette Machine isn’t cheap. But, I’ve had mine for 3-4 years and I’ve used it countless times {like for our engagement pictures props and our wedding for starters} and I’ve definitely re-couped the cost from what I would have spent buying the decorations.

Before we get into the decorations I made with the Silhouette Machine, first things first is the tissue pom poms.

Tissue Paper Pom Pom Tutorial

I realize there are a million tissue pom pom tutorials out there, but here’s my own version of a tutorial if you wanted to try your hand at making these yourself. For the ones above, I rounded the tissue paper edges to give them a more soft/ruffled look. I fluffed them all on one side {instead of making a full circular pom} and attached them to the wall with double sided tape {just make sure you test the tape on your wall surface first to ensure it won’t rip the paint off}.

I wanted to make some type of cloth centerpiece/runner for the tables. However, this girl has zero sewing skills. But, there’s a little thing called iron-on hemming tape that was made for non-sewers like me. I made these curtains and these curtains using this same method. With a little no-sew tape and an iron, I had myself some centerpieces and runners.

How to Make No-Sew Table Runners

Now we’ll get into some of the decorations I made with the Silhouette Machine. These food labels were made entirely using the machine {excluding the white cardstock with printed words that I just printed off on my printer and cut myself}.

How to Make Food Labels with a Silhouette Machine

The label itself was made by downloading the basic tent card shape from the Silhouette online store. I also downloaded the squirrel shape from the online store.

The tags used on the centerpieces were made by downloading the scalloped circle shape and the deer shape. The circle was cut out using the basic shape tools in the Silhouette editor.

 How to Make Tags with Silhhouette Machine

The onesie graphics were also made with my Silhouette machine. I bought a pack of plain white onesies from Target and ordered the printable heat transfer paper for light fabrics from the Silhouette online store. I downloaded the fox, horse, deer and chef’s hat graphics and followed the instructions for the printable heat transfer material.

How to Make Onesie Graphics with Silhouette Machine

And last but not least, the favor labels. I used the Silhouette sketch pens to create the wording on the labels ‘ a baby is brewing… expected delivery 8.17.14’ and downloaded an ornate tag shape as the background.

How to Make Favor Tags with Silhouette Machine

Now you know all my inside secrets. You too can go forth and create beautiful and affordable baby shower decor.

This post was not sponsored by Silhouette in any way. I just personally love my machine and wanted to show you all the many ways it can be used!

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