Renovation Update

We finally have some progress to report on with the renovation. There for a while things kind of stalled. It sounded like they ran into some issues on site and they were also waiting on building materials. But while we were gone in the Bahamas, some good progress was made.

We stopped by the house when we got into town to scope things out and snap some pictures.

For starters, a temporary front door was put into the permanent location. The front door was moved to be more centered in between the porch columns and to allow more room for the powder room off to the right hand side.

Front Door MovedHere’s the powder room now with the old door location boarded up. That whole area will become the powder room.

Powder Room

They also ripped out part of the side of the house to allow for the extension for the stairwell.

Extending for Stairway

Isn’t that a pretty sight? I keep having to tell myself it has to get worse before it gets better… You can see in the plans below how the stairs will look and how it will jutt out from the house a bit.

Stairway Plans

We added a basement after the plans were drawn up. Instead of the closet under the stairs, we’ll have an interior entrance down to the basement which you can see in the plans as well.

Remember our interior brick wall in the dining room?

Dining Room Interior Brick Wall

We actually decided to rip it down. But, have no fear, we’re putting it back up. The current wall had lots of cracks and old caulking and mortar that didn’t look good anymore so the builders offered to re-do it using the same old brick to make it look nicer.

Re-doing interior wall

They’ve ripped it all off. Now they just have to put it all back together.

They also started installing the HVAC in the house.


I know HVAC might not be all that exciting to you guys, but to us it means progress!

HVAC Upstairs

Tomorrow we are scheduled to have our lighting walk through and the plumbing has been officially ordered. We’re close to finalizing our tile, cabinets and countertops, just waiting on final measurements so we can determine final costs.

Design Process- Up to Plumbing

We’re almost halfway through the entire process. Wahoo!

We’re told it should be mid-October when we can move in. It seems so far away but I know it will be here before we know it.

Here’s hoping the good progress continues!

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  1. Amy says

    How exciting! When we were building our house, everything seemed to move so slowly until the drywall was hung. Then, it went a lightning speed! Everything looks great! So glad they are rebuilding the brick wall.

    • says

      Amy, I’ve heard once drywall goes up it goes super fast so maybe I should just enjoy the downtime until the craziness begins. πŸ™‚ I’m excited to see how the ‘new’ brick wall will look!

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