5 Tips for Growing Your Small Business

I mentioned earlier in the week that I attended a conference last weekend in Asheville, NC called Blogging Concentrated. While its main focus is geared towards bloggers, a lot of the information shared is relevant to any small business owner.

5 Tips for Growing Your Small Business

Since I recently did a series about how to turn your hobby into a business, I thought I would share some of the big takeaways to help and encourage you as you continue to pursue your entrepreneurial goals and dreams. Now that you’ve decided to start your own business, it’s time to learn how to grow it!

Here are 5 tips for growing your small business.

Be Prepared

Your blog or the business you are seeking to grow comes with risks. It’s important to know those risks up front and be prepared in advance for how you will overcome them. What if your computer crashed, your camera broke, or Pinterest went away.  If your business depends on these things, you need to have a plan for how your business can remain running. Whether that means backing up all your files, having an extra camera or ensuring you have traffic sources outside of Pinterest, it’s important to think about the possible risks and prepare in advance for them.

Don't Let Stumbling Blocks Stop You


Don’t Let Stumbling Blocks Stop You

It’s inevitable with anything you set out to do that something or someone might get in the way. There may come a time when your business growth has stalled or things continue to go wrong. These things can sometimes make us question whether we should continue.  But those are the things that make you a better person in the end. They are also the things that weed out others in your field who aren’t willing to fight as much as you are for the same dream or goal. Embrace the challenges and road blocks and don’t let them prevent you from pursuing your ultimate dream.

Seek Out Your Audience & Customers

I think we all sometimes have the mindset that ‘if we build it they will come.’ While that’s true in Noah’s case, it’s not always true in the business world. We have to do some work and marketing on our part, letting the world know that your business exists. Sometimes that can come through word of mouth referrals, but other times that comes from us seeking out our audience or customers. Knowing where they are or will be and capturing their attention there. That could be an ad on a relevant site, attending a bridal show or interacting with them on social media. Share with them why they need you and what you can do for them.

A Goal Without a Plan is Just a Wish



This is fairly obvious, but most successful businesses have some sort of plan in place. I’m not talking about a big formal business plan {although that can be extremely beneficial}. I’m talking about everyday planning to ensure your business runs smoothly. This could mean having an editorial calendar or a marketing calendar created for promotions. It could be having a plan in place for services you offer and how payment is handled. Planning will not only  prevent unnecessary stress down the road, say when you are struggling to come up with new content, but it will also help your overall business run more smoothly and seamlessly.

Consider Outsourcing

When it comes to running a business, there are certain parts of the business you might enjoy more than others. Maybe your strength lies in the creativity or big picture ideas of the business but your weakness is executing the small details. Or maybe you love the day to day running of your business, minus the paperwork and accounting. To help your business grow and expand, consider outsourcing those tasks you struggle with in order to free up more of your time on other things. If the tasks are things that will eventually yield revenue, the money paid towards hiring help will certainly be worth it.


After attending the conference I’m inspired and motivated to continue pursuing my dream and ultimately continue building a community at this little ole blog of mine. I’ve got lots of ideas in my head and big plans in the works. Be sure to subscribe to the mailing list at the top or below to receive the latest post along with news and fun updates!


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    Thank you, Megan! This recap is fabulous (and I shared it on the BC FB page) and we so appreciate your kind words. One of the things I truly love is getting to meet amazing people all over the country. I was blessed to get to spend time with you and look forward to staying in touch as time moves on.

    With joy.



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