10 Ways to Re-Purpose Old Doors

You may remember me talking about saving all the old doors from our house when I gave you the original tour of the inside. The original doors were one of the things I was most excited about when it came to buying an old house. I’m always on the hunt for old things so to inherit a stack of old doors just had me giddy.

10 Ways to Re-Purpose Old Doors

We’re hoping to restore a pair of the original french doors and use them in the office downstairs and possibly use some of of the others for the upstairs bedrooms. But, that still leaves quite a few remaining. I’ve been slowing pinning and gathering ideas for how I could re-use the rest of the doors somehow in the house.

Here are 10 of my favorite ideas and ways to re-purpose old doors that I’m keeping in my back pocket to reference when it comes time.

Cut out some of the interior panels and attach shelving to create a fun little bookshelf.

Old door used as bookshelves{Source}

Love this door turned headboard from At the Picket Fence with the attached wall lamp. Could be cute for one of our guest rooms.

Door turned headboard with wall lamp{Source}

We’ll eventually need to get furniture for our screened-in porch and I love how the duo at The Handmade Home turned an old door into a patio table.

turn an old door into a table{Source}

Also love this old door that’s being used as an outdoor beverage station from Finding Home. Perfect for summer entertaining.

Vintage Door Outdoor Beverage Station{Source}

For another outdoor use I could paint and attach several of the doors together and create a fun and colorful privacy screen. Could be a fun way to frame an outdoor garden or flower bed too.

Outdoor Privacy Screen from Doors{Source}

Or, instead of keeping the full door in one piece, I could cut it up and build something with the pieces, like a couch {maybe an outdoor couch}.

Door turned couch{Source}

Or a cool bench. Love that this one almost looks like a pew.

Old door turned bench{Source}

My upstairs office currently doesn’t have any doors. It’s somewhat of an open area. But, I’ve thought about down the road making some sliding doors to create some privacy for this room if we ever needed to turn it into a bedroom {there is a closet}. So our old doors could be put to use there.

Sliding Door{Source}

I don’t have a desk for my office, and I love how these fun desks turned out using old doors. Would be a special way to incorporate some of the home’s character in a space that I hope to create in.

Make a desk out of an old door{Source}

And last but not least, here’s another way to turn an old door into some type of shelving unit. Love the wall lamp used on this one as well!

old door used as shelving{Source}

Have you ever turned an old door into a project or used it as decor in your home? Would love to hear more fun ways to re-purpose this stack I’ve got!

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