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Did I get you with the title? Now, I should preface this by saying that I don’t think I’m a real hoarder. My husband would disagree with that, but I’m not one of those people you see on TLC who doesn’t throw away anything and their house is full of trash. Truthfully, I can’t stand clutter. But, my hoarding is more like Monica’s secret closet {you know the episode from Friends where they learn about her closet full of junk and crap that’s completely unorganized}.

Addition with Roof

Just like Monica, my ‘hoarding’ is hidden. But instead of it being items that don’t have categories or specific places, my loot is a result of being overly sentimental and what I like to think of as being thrifty. But, the sentimentality and thriftiness has gotten out of control.

In our new house we’ll have a small basement area to use as storage and hopefully some attic space. But in general, I don’t have abundant storage like I’ve had in the past. So it’s time to whittle down my now accumulated stash of boxes and boxes of things I can’t bare to part with. Thus #projectpurge commenced this past weekend. What better way to kick off the first unofficial weekend of summer than throwing away crap?

Jack and Jill Bathroom Framed

I thought throwing away things would be easier {and it was more so than in the past}, but I have a hard time permanently getting rid of things I might want or need later down the line. For example::

Oh look, here’s every note that was ever written to me in high school.” {you know the folded up notes that were passed between class changes}. “Maybe I should go through them all and make sure there’s not a funny one I should keep.”

“Aww here’s the list I made of the qualities I wanted to find in a future spouse.” After reading through them all… “This is too funny to throw away.”

Jack and Jill Bath Shower

After finding 2 Atlanta Braves car flags.. “I would hate to toss these in case I go to an Atlanta Braves game anytime soon and would want to feel like a true fan driving down.”

“Could I use this leftover chicken wire for a project?”

Bedroom # 2 Upstairs

“What if I need some additional accessories for my bookshelves and could use this weird red door knob plaque thing?”

“This was a gift from Holland from someone I used to work with. It was so thoughtful of them, I hate to get rid of it.”

Bedroom #2 Closet

You get the point. I tend to rationalize why I might regret tossing something and justify holding onto it. Hence the reason I’ve lugged and moved the same boxes of stuff over and over again from move to move. Can anyone else relate to this?

This might take the entire summer to get through, but I’m bound and determined to purge before we officially move.

Upstairs Bedroom #3

On another note, as you can see, we have a roof on the addition now and the upstairs has been completely framed out. We’re currently shingle-less but the shingles have officially been delivered and if the weather cooperates we should have a completely new roof by next week.

Even though it’s just a bunch of wood right now, I seriously get goose bumps walking through the house sometimes thinking about all the memories that will be made there in each room. It’s such a cool process to see take shape from the ground up.

Bedroom #3 Closet

We’re waiting on site measuring to be done for our cabinets and tile to figure out where we stand budget-wise on all our cabinets, countertops and tile needed in our bathrooms. Hopefully that happens next week and it will be full steam ahead from here on out!

For the record, I did in fact toss everything mentioned above. Including all my high school notes {which admittedly wasn’t the easiest to toss}.

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  1. Andrea says

    As someone who has just finished her 11th move in 13 years – and that’s only since I met my husband and got married, I can relate. But after lugging around boxes from five different moving companies, we purged like no ones business last year. And it feels so good. Now granted I’m still holding onto the Kinderegg toys from our time abroad and the wooden shoe from the trip to the Keukenhof, and all my Sweet Valley Twins books, but I am proud to say that with every passing year (and move) I get better!

    • says

      So encouraging Andrea! I think this is the move that I purge like no one’s business too! I definitely will keep some sentimental things, which I think is totally ok, but there are some things I’m realizing that I don’t need to lug around anymore. P.S. I’m exhausted just thinking about 11 moves. You’re a champ!

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