Renovation Update:: Framing Begun

The renovations on the house are progressing. Last you saw, the interior of the house had been completely demoed. They’ve now started framing the interior. It’s neat to see all the different rooms starting to form and how much different things are looking.

For starters, they’ve starting framing the foyer area and powder room. Here’s the construction drawing to give you an idea of the new layout.

Lower Level Construction PlansThe new foyer area will be shifting over to the right a bit from where it currently is which means the front door has to move. You can see the framing for the entrance below. Because everything is shifting over, where the new downstairs office begins, the current existing window will also shift over.

Renovation Foyer Framed- Megan Brooke Handmade

To the left of the front door will be the powder room. We’re adding an additional window to the front of the house here. You can see that framed out below. The old window on the side of the house will be made smaller. The new smaller window is framed in the center.

Renovation Framing

The laundry room downstairs has also been framed out. We don’t have a pantry in our kitchen {there really wasn’t a place for one without losing cabinet space}, so we asked if we could add an additional closet outside the laundry room to use as a pantry. You can see both closets below in the drawing.

Laundry PlansThe closet on the left will be used as a coat closet since it’s closest to the entryway.

Renovation Framing

And the closet on the right, closest to the kitchen, will be used as the pantry.

Renovation Framing

A little bit of the upstairs has also been framed out, including part of my office.

Office Plans

You can see the framing for the closet below. I don’t necessarily need a closet for my office, but in the event we need to use it as a bedroom one day, I definitely wanted to have one.

Renovation Framing

They have also started some of the framing for the jack and jill bathroom upstairs. The closet for bedroom 4 is right next to my office closet above.

Jack and Jill Plans

This is what you currently see when you come up the existing stairs. Straight ahead is where the new linen closet is being built.  To the left is bedroom 4.

Renovation Framing

To the right of the opening, on the other side of the wall, is where the tub/shower and toilet will be that you see in the layout.

Hopefully by the end of this week most of the framing will be done and a good portion of the addition will be framed out. Fingers crossed for good weather so progress can be made! Ready to see everything come together!

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