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Over the last few weeks I’ve been doing a lot of lighting research. While selecting appliances and plumbing fixtures was pretty easy, I think lighting is going to be the toughest. There are soooo many options and different styles to choose from. I see so many different light options I like, but it’s a matter of picking lights that fit our house and our personal style best.

I figured I would share what’s in my brain and what I’m thinking and you guys can give me your thoughts. The more feedback the better!

For starters, let’s talk about island pendants. We have a really open floor plan downstairs. The kitchen is completely open to the dining room and family room. Because of that, I’m leaning towards some more substantial pendants like these lanterns from Pottery Barn.

Pottery Barn Lanters{Source}

I’m afraid if I go with smaller pendants they will just get lost.

The other style of pendant I’m leaning towards is schoolhouse lighting. Since the house is old, I think these add a fun retro vibe.

Schoolhouse Lights{Source}

I actually already bought a few flush mount school house lights from Joss and Main. These will be used in the back entryway, upstairs hallway and laundry room.

Since I already have some schoolhouse lights, I’m afraid doing pendants as well might be retro/vintage overkill. The jury is still out on that one though.

Moving on to bathrooms.

For the powder room, I want to find different somewhat retro vanity lighting or sconces. I love this vanity light in particular.

Since we are going to have a beautiful pedestal tub in our master bathroom, I really want to highlight the nook it’s in with a small chic chandelier. I found a few options but love that this one looks vintage.

Master Bathroom Inspiration{Source}

I’ve been going back and forth on the type of sconces to use in the master bathroom. I like something like this because it has a little bit of that old look but also fits with the bungalow style we love.

For the upstairs baths I found some sconces similar to these that are pretty basic but fit the overall style of the house I think.

With the bathrooms, I’ve also been going back and forth on the type of finishes to use. We’ll have all polished chrome or nickel for all our plumbing fixtures. I’m leaning towards going with nickel or chrome for all wall lighting as well {i.e. sconces and vanity lighting}. For any ceiling lighting, I’m leaning towards a bronze or rust finish. I’m planning to go with a lot of grays and whites for the overall color palette so I think adding some darker finishes with the lighting will add some needed contrast.

I think it’s ok to mix finishes when it’s done strategically and with purpose. Just picking chrome for one space and bronze for the other and throwing in some brass somewhere else would probably look like a hot mess.

Next up, the dining room.

This is probably the fixture I’m having the most difficulty with. We won’t have a formal dining room and breakfast area. We just have one space right off from the kitchen. This will be a space where we’ll maybe have big family gatherings around the holidays but also eat dinner every night as a family. So I want it to be a casual space that can also feel a little more formal or elegant when needed.

I love the look of rustic, French looking chandeliers like this one, but the hubby thinks it’s too formal and girly.

Abby Larson Dining Room


But I also love the idea of a more wood/rustic chandelier like this one.

Postcard from Paris Chandelier


I’ve also seen people hang multiple pendants over the dining table. I’m planning to get a long farmhouse table so that could possibly work since the table will be fairly large. Still need to do some more research though and nail down a lighting style that will work best for this space.

Moving to the outdoors.

I definitely want to get a hanging lantern for our front porch. Haven’t decided if I’ll also get outdoor wall sconces to hang on either side of the door.

For our side door coming into the house from the carport as well as any other exterior entrances {from the basement, etc.} I want to get some type of barn light wall sconce.

For the screened in porch, I’m thinking about just doing a couple basic ceiling fans, nothing fancy.

There were two basically new ceiling fans that were bought and installed in the house before we bought it. I’m planning to re-use those in some of the upstairs bedrooms to save some money. They aren’t for the long term, but will work in the meantime.

Remember the old dining room chandelier from the house?

Dining Room Before

I’m planning to use that in my office for now. I may not keep it there, but I figure it could be a fun glamorous addition. Just need to get it cleaned up a bit.

As for the master bedroom, I’m planning to cap the ceiling for now until we have new bedroom furniture in place and I can pick something out that will go with it. All throughout the house we’ll also have lots of can lighting.

Now I just need to make some final decisions and get to purchasing!

So, what do you think about the direction I’m going? Like it or hate it? Chime in and let me know your thoughts!

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  1. Andrea says

    I love the dining room with the yellow chairs. My husband is not a yellow fan and he’d never let me get away with that more feminine look either. I really want pendant lights over the island, and if we don’t have the option of changing it from can lights to pendants I know he’ll never do it.

    So I’ll do what I always do and ask my dad to drive over and do it for me. It’s nice having a trained builder/carpenter/electrician in the family!

    • says

      Maybe it’s wishful thinking that the hubby will come around to a chandelier like that. ๐Ÿ˜‰ That’s nice that you have a handyman in the family! I’ve seen where you can convert cans for pendants so it should be pretty easy.

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