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A few weeks ago I shared with you the plumbing selections we made for the house. I also mentioned that we had selected our appliances as well. Before we could actually pick out our final appliances, we had to determine what type of appliances we wanted and needed first.

Here’s how the kitchen was originally laid out.

Kitchen Layout- Megan Brooke Handmade

I’ve always loved the look of having a sink under a kitchen window. Not only do I think it’s pretty but I love the idea of being able to look outside as I’m washing dishes. Is that weird?

We have two windows in our kitchen on either side of one wall. One window {the window on the right} will face the carport and the other will face the driveway. I wanted to see if we could make it work putting the sink under the far left window {instead of in the island as originally drawn out}.

The original plans had an oven/stovetop being centered between the two windows. If we moved the sink, it meant we could put a cooktop in the island instead and create additional cabinets and storage where a hood would have been.

New Appliance Layout- Megan Brooke Handmade

With the sink moving, the dishwasher would need to move too. So the plan would be for the dishwasher to be built in the lower cabinets right next to the sink.

Once we determined that this was the layout we wanted to go with, we knew the type of basic appliances we would need.

Appliance Selections - Megan Brooke Handmade

We went with the stainless steel Frigidaire Professional series for our dishwasher, refrigerator and double wall oven. The model we chose is smudge-proof, meaning there won’t be pesky fingerprints all over the pretty stainless steel {which to me was a huge plus}. We went with a Jenn-Air 36″ cooktop with downdraft and a 24″ Sharp microwave drawer.

I know it’s typical to get one brand for all your appliances. But, by going with several different brands we were able to come in under budget.

You may be wondering where the microwave drawer and double wall oven are going.

The microwave drawer will go in the island where the dishwasher was originally planned to be.

Microwave Drawer

And the double oven will go in the cabinets next to the refrigerator.

Double Oven

We debated back and forth about whether we needed a double oven or if we should just do a single oven with cooktop like the original plans had and keep the sink in its original location.

I know I probably won’t need a double oven on a daily basis, but there are those times where it would really come in handy with trying to fit everything in the oven at once and will be really nice to have when entertaining/during the holidays. Once we realized we could get a double wall oven paired with all our other selections for less than a single standard oven with cooktop we were sold.

We are losing some cabinet space by putting them in the wall, but we are gaining cabinet space by moving the sink and putting cabinets above the oven’s original location.

A lot of factors came into play when trying to select appliances. We ultimately had an idea of the layout we wanted, but what we could get with our budget was really the deciding factor. Knowing we could get 2 ovens for less than one, for example, really helped finalize the decision.

Now that our appliances are finalized, the cabinet maker can build the appropriate cabinetry around them.

I want to know, what type of appliances do you have? If you own any of the appliances we are getting, would love to know how you like them {both positive and negative feedback is welcomed}.

Big thanks to the folks at Jeff Lynch here in Greenville, SC for working with us and helping us pull together the best options that fit our budget!

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  1. Andrea says

    Very nice choices! I’d love smudge proof. I. Hate. Cleaning. Stainless. Steel. Nothing ever seems to work well to nix those fingerprints! We have GE Profile appliances for oven/range combo, microwave and dishwasher (which I truly dislike) but they were already selected by the builder and ordered when we bought our house. We do have a Maytag French Door fridge with ice and water that we like. That said when we move in a couple months it won’t come with us. With the ice maker it just seems like I never have enough room for stuff. Though I do love a bottom drawer freezer but again not enough room at all for a family of four! I’d love to go Sub-Zero in the future and get a full size fridge and freezer side by side. And a Wolf cooktop. But that’s probably just a dream 🙂


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