Before & After:: Dental Office Renovation

This post has been a long time in the making. You may remember me mentioning that while we went on our honeymoon in Oct./November, my husband had his office renovated {since it would be closed with him gone anyways}.

Before & After Dental Office Renovation- Megan Brooke Handmade

My husband is a dental specialist and bought the practice 8 or so years ago. From the way it looked prior to the renovation, it probably hadn’t been touched {decor and style wise} since the 1980’s. It was in dire need of some updating. The bulk of the renovations took place while we were out of town, but we were still waiting on some furniture and waiting for a few things to be finished. I’ve also been working on getting artwork for the walls and a few accessories that took a little time to finish.

But, I can officially say it’s all done for now. Today I thought I would give you a little tour. I made sure to take before pictures before it all went down so you can really see the state it was in before and how much better it looks now.

Warning: prepare for picture overload.

Reception Before

The reception before was extremely dated. What you can’t see on the far right wall is an old loveseat with a lovely 80’s floral print. People loved the cushy loveseat option, but it was time to update to some prettier plush furniture.

Here’s the beautiful reception area after the renovation.

Reception After- Megan Brooke Handmade

All the oak in the office was stained a darker color to make it look more up to date. Wood planks were put down in the reception area to replace the old carpet and old brick pavers {which you will see in some of the photos coming up}.

For a lot of the artwork in the office, we blew up several pictures from my husband’s trips to Kenya through our church for medical missions. Including the picture below of a beautiful tree that someone snapped near one of the places they stayed one year.

Office Renovation Reception After

You can see the new plush seating options below. These chairs and the pillows came from Kravet. The other office chairs came from David Edward.

Office Renovation-Reception

I absolutely love the new artwork above these chairs. A local artist in town that I work with a lot through work, prints photographs on metal. This picture was taken downtown right near where I work. I loved the idea of incorporating local elements into the office to make people feel at home. Plus, I loved how different it was than just a regular photograph and love that it isn’t completely flush with the wall, but adds some dimension with it installed away from the wall a bit.

The reception desk before was pretty basic. Nothing special. Again, the wood color was a bit dated. You can see the brick pavers below that I was talking about.

Reception Desk Before

Here’s what the new reception desk looks like now.

Reception Desk After

We added the logo on the front and some pretty under-counter lights along with updated countertops. Some of the divider walls and walls behind the desk were also painted.

Before the renovation, all the files were just on open shelving which didn’t offer the prettiest of views.

Reception Files Before

They are now housed behind sliding glass doors to keep them more concealed and keep everything looking sleek and clean.

Reception Files After

As you turn the corner, there was this little alcove. The plants were pretty, but the dated oak mirror had to go.

Alcove Before

I went out and bought this quarter foil mirror from Target to put in its place. With the wood around it stained, this little area looks so much better don’t ya think?

Hallway Alcove After

Right next to the alcove is the patient restroom. Here’s the beautiful bathroom before. Yes, that’s a fluorescent light, floral wallpaper and mauve countertops. This space just screamed the 80’s. It. was. bad.

Bathroom Before

The bathroom now though looks sleek and modern. We tore out the old soffit to open the space a bit and got a new mirror and new sconces. The counterop and fixtures were all replaced as well.

Office Renovation- Bathroom After

You may also notice above the pretty trashcan that I showed you guys a while ago. I just spray painted the old one since it was the perfect shape and height. No sense in tossing when you can make it work!

All the countertop accessories like the paper towel holder, toothbrush holder and cup holder all came from Target.

Bathroom Close Up

New, pretty wallpaper was put up to replace the old lovely floral print. I love that it just has a subtle pattern and nothing too overwhelming. This giraffe picture was also taken in Kenya and we hung it on the wall as you enter the restroom.

Bathroom Artwork

As you walk to the back patient room area, here’s what the old view looked like. The room dividers were papered with textured blue wallpaper and you can see the overwhelming amount of oak.

Hallway Before

Here’s what you see now.

Hallway After

All new cabinetry and sinks were put in along with new carpet.

Here’s an old shot of the hallway from one view in the back.

Back Hallway Before

Here’s the after shot from the other end. The divider walls were painted a pretty dark gray color that provided a great contrast with the cabinetry but complemented the carpet well.

Side Hallway After

New artwork for each of the divider walls are more pictures from Kenya.

Kenya Artwork

I definitely wanted to include a picture of the hubby in action on his trip to give patients context for the rest of the pictures.

Kenya Artwork

I got all the black frames from Hobby Lobby. I went several weekends in a row so I could use a 40% off coupon for each frame. All the pictures were printed through Mpix.

Kenya Artwork

Back in the back there is a sterilization room where all the instruments are stored and where the instruments are cleaned. Here’s what it looked like before.

Sterilization Before

And here’s what it looks like now. All new cabinetry was installed that matches the cabinetry in the back along with new countertops and fixtures.

Sterilization Room After

That old closet that used to be at the very back was also torn out since it wasn’t really being utilized.

Sterilization After

The company I work for here in Greenville, Linda McDougald Design | Postcard from Paris Home, helped with the design portion of the renovation. And I may be biased, but I think the finished product looks absolutely amazing.

ย What do you think? Major transformation, huh?

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  1. Teresa W says

    I work for a dentist in Greenville and we send several patients to your husband’s office. We will be starting our own renovation soon. I don’t look forward to the process, but can’t wait to see the end result!

  2. says

    I just bought my own dental practice a year ago… I feel your 80s pain completely. Can not wait to rehab it. I have done a little bit, but this looks amazing! Congrats to your husband you guys did an amazing job.

  3. says

    The transformation is incredible…I love how you incorporated your husbands work from Kenya into the office. Very nice touch. The patients must have done a double take when they came in LOL LOL even though he’s an endodontist (not sure how many pts. come back often) I’m sure some were blown away.

    So clean, open & airy love love love it……I wish I could work there as a hygienist. Great job beautiful work!!!!! Congrats on your marriage!!!!

    • says

      Thanks so much Kristina! I’m not sure if any patients who had come before the renovation have had to come back after it was all done. But there may have been one or two. Typically he just sees them once and does the root canal! But it definitely looks so much better than before! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Sheri says

    Thanks we are remodeling old GP dental office to Pediatric dental clinic for my son. Your before’s could have been taken in his building. All the walls had paneling. Yikes, what were we thinking back then! Thanks for inspiration

  5. says

    Hi! My husband is an orthodontist and purchased an older practice a few years ago. We are looking to update our furniture soon (would love to do the whole office). Where did you get the reception area chairs? Thanks!

  6. Nitin P says

    Great transformation. Being a dentist I can definitely understand the updating the premises is so very important.

  7. Julianne says

    Fantastic updating! We are beginning the same sort of process at my husband’s GP office and I’m looking for others who have done a reno without completely overhauling the layout. Do you remember the carpet you used? Thanks!

    • says

      Thanks so much Julianne! We got the carpet from a company called Bonitz. The name of the color/style is Bolyu Quik 2×2 tiles in Zany Zinc. Hope that helps!

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