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We are currently working on selecting and designing the cabinetry for the house. Once that’s somewhat finalized, the next step is to pick out tile. We’ve gone to a few tile places in town to start getting some ideas about what we want. With tile, there are so many different colors, styles and materials and there’s also tons of options for tile design.

But, from going to stores and looking online, I think I’ve somewhat narrowed it down to what I’m looking for in terms of style. Whether it’s in budget or not is a different story.

Today I thought it would be fun to show you a few images and ideas I’m using as inspiration for possible tile options.

For starters, I’m definitely gravitating towards white subway tile.

white subway tile in kitchen{Source}

Would love to use white subway tile as a backsplash in our kitchen. I like the simplistic and traditional look of the white tile installed horizontally like the above.

But, I also love the idea of installing the tile in a fun pattern like the below. Either way, I’m planning on doing white cabinets so I think white tile would provide the clean, neutral backdrop I’m looking for. Depending on price, an alternative I’m really loving is beadboard or wide plank wood boards as a backsplash instead.

I also love the idea of using white subway tile in some of our bathrooms as well. A lot of older homes typically have a lot of black and white tile so I love the idea of incorporating that color scheme a bit in some of the bathrooms since the house itself is old.

In this particular bathroom, I love that there are just hints of black tile used as borders that doesn’t completely scream ‘black and white bathroom.’

Besides actually selecting tile, we’ll also have to select grout colors. I’m kind of loving the idea of doing a dark grout with the white subway tile. The darker grout color almost makes it feel even more retro to me.

whit subway tile with dark grout{Source}

 When it comes to floor tile for the bathroom, I like the idea of doing some sort of black and white pattern. While I love the the traditional black and white hexagon tile or penny tile, I also love something like the below that is a more current take on the black and white floor tile patterns.

I don’t want the tile in all the bathrooms to be the exact same though. The below option is the same pattern as the above, but just a slightly different color palette. More cream and ivory than grey. Could be fun to do one bathroom with the more gray coloring and the other with this more cream coloring so they feel cohesive and similar, but still different from each other.

Here’s a very traditional black and white floor tile pattern that I love. It’s got the traditional hexagon shapes. Traditionally part of the walls in your bathroom are tiled. Depending on costs and budget, I actually really the idea of doing some type of wood detailing/paneling around the bathroom instead. It adds texture to the walls, which I love.

I’m hoping making tile selections will be pretty painless and hopefully as easy as making plumbing selections was.

For specific tips for how to select tile and the right tile materials to use in various areas of your home, check out this tile selection 101 post from the other blog I write for.

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