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I mentioned last week that we’ve completed most of our stage 1 selections for the renovation. The two big ones being plumbing and appliances. Both of these have to be decided in the very early stages to make sure the type of plumbing selected is considered when they start framing everything out and the type appliances chosen are factored into the overall kitchen layout. The kitchen cabinetry will also be built around the type of appliances selected, another reason why they are chosen in the very early stages.

If you were like I was, you may think that selecting plumbing can’t be all that hard. Afterall, how hard is it to pick faucets and toilets. Well my friends, it can be harder than you think. There are about a million choices of brands, styles and finishes for shower and faucet fixtures and just as many options when it comes to the ole comode.

Plumbing Selections | Megan Brooke Handmade

Today I thought I would share the selections we went with so you can begin to see the overall vision for the house.

Let’s start with the master bathroom. Since it’s an old house, we wanted a lot of the fixtures to have that same old charm. So we went with the Rohl Viaggio faucet fixtures with the cross handles. The handles have those fun hot and cold detailing on the top. Shower trim is from Moen’s Waterhill collection. We decided to upgrade a bit on the toilet and went with the Kohler Tresham which has a lot of detailing and to us felt vintage.


master bathroom plumbing selections | Megan Brooke Handmade

It has always been my dream to have a clawfoot tub one day. DREAM ya’ll. And my husband is ever so kindly allowing me to fulfill that dream. My birthday gift from him is a Barclay roll top cast iron tub for our master bathroom. I realize we are officially an old married couple who gifts each other plumbing, but it’s the best birthday gift I could ever ask for. Can’t wait to take lots of baths in this beauty.

The same Rohl Viaggio faucet fixture and Kohler Tresham toilet will also be used in our powder room downstairs.

Moving onto the kitchen. Another thing I dreamed of having in a home one day was a farmhouse sink.  The builders kindly added an allowance in our specs for a farmhouse sink, so it’s not something we had to upgrade. We went with the 30″ Barclay apron front single basin sink.

kitchen plumbing selections | Megan Brooke Handmade

You’ve probably seen the fancy kitchen faucet from Rohl that is paired with farmhouse sinks in professionally designed homes. Looks like this. While it’s really pretty, it’s REALLY pricey and would have put us way over budget. We learned about this Pioneer Bridge Faucet that was significantly cheaper and almost looks identical, so we went with it instead. Saving money for the win!

We will have two full bathrooms upstairs. One bath will be shared between two rooms while the other will be separate. One will be a tub/shower unit while the other will be a tiled shower. For both bathrooms we went with the shower and tub/shower trim from Moen’s Vestige collection. It had the fun hot and cold emblem similar to the fixtures downstairs.

guest bathroom plumbing selections | Megan Brooke Handmade

For faucet fixtures, we went with the matching Moen Vestige centerset faucet for both bathrooms. For the toilet, we upgraded only slightly upstairs and went with the Gerber Allerton. Since at least one of the baths will probably eventually be for kids, there wasn’t a need to go all out and get the nicest toilet {we envision having to replace lots of parts at some point down the road with kiddos}.

Regarding finishes, we went with polished chrome or chrome for all the fixtures. Bathroom sinks are also part of the overall plumbing selections. We’re planning to go with basic white rectangular sinks in all the bathrooms.

I never even thought about plumbing fixtures and styles until we had to make our selections. Now, it’s one of the first things I notice when I go into a bathroom. The type of fixtures you choose can make a huge difference in the overall design of your home so it is important to spend time thinking through the best options.

I learned a lot of things through the plumbing selection process and am working on putting together a few tips and tricks that I’ll be sharing with you guys soon.

Oh, and special thanks to the folks at Design on Tap here in Greenville, SC for all their help in making selections and being part of our renovation process!

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