The Makers Summit & Working Towards Your Goals

This past weekend I had the chance to attend a one day conference here in Greenville, SC called The Makers Summit. While it’s mainly geared towards independent artisans and those selling their wares, there were some topics and sessions very applicable to blogging.

The Makers Summit

The folks behind The Makers Summit did a fabulous job with the whole event. From the programs and name tags to the stage and dining area, everything was thoughtfully created and beautifully put together.

 The Makers Summit Decor | Megan Brooke Handmade

Regardless of whether this was a conference mainly geared towards ‘makers,’ it’s always great to be around like-minded creatives. People who love their craft and who are passionate about what they do and make. I left feeling very inspired and very motivated to continue on this creative journey.

One speaker, in particular, really inspired me and shared some very insightful things about her own creative journey that I wanted to share with you. Her name is Jordan Ferney and she blogs over at Oh Happy Day.

The Makers Summit- Jordan Fernery

I’ve never been great at setting big goals or dreams. I tend to work in the here and now and hope one day I’ll get where I’m wanting to go. I think part of that has to do with fear of failure. What if I don’t reach that goal? Does that mean I failed?

I’m afraid to put my goals down on paper or say them out loud to avoid the potential letdown if they don’t actually happen. But that’s one thing Jordan stressed. Goal setting is super important. We as humans are very forgetful. If we don’t have a constant reminder about what we’re working towards, we’re likely to forget. It’s important to write your goals down on paper and put them somewhere that you can see on a daily basis.

Maybe that’s your fridge or a post it note on your desk. Regardless of where you put it, when you see it everyday it’s a reminder of what you are striving and working for each and every day.

Don't Trade What You Want Most for What You Want Now

Aside from writing your goals down, it’s also important to make decisions and choices that will help you achieve your goals, not hurt your chances. One of the things she said was to be careful to not trade what you want most for what you want now. Do you want to become the CEO at your company, then don’t sacrifice your character and integrity by manipulating those around you and push people out of the way. Do you dream of living overseas or traveling across the globe, then make smart choices to save up enough money to do those things and be willing to say no to purchases and ‘wants’ that you might like to have in the moment.

Visualize that end goal and only do things that will ultimately get you there in the long run.

It’s also important to work hard and put yourself out there. Instead of thinking that opportunities will just drop in your lap {like I so often do} put yourself out there and ask for things you want. Ask that brand if they would be willing to work with you or ask someone if they would be interested in hiring you.

This is the Sign You've Been Working For

Have confidence in yourself and your abilities. You’ll never know until you ask.

Are you fired up now? Ready to tackle those dreams and goals? Let’s all start by taking the first steps to pursuing those goals and ambitions today, shall we?

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