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Less. It’s a concept not familiar in our society. We are a culture of more. More money, more clothes, more electronics, more stuff. There’s a pressure to keep up with one another. To continue striving to accumulate more and have the latest and greatest of everything. But, I really think having less is more.

Living with Less:: Assortment Blog Home Tour

Carmella and her family of 5 live in a 665 square foot cabin. They lost nearly everything in the real estate market crash of 2008-2009. When life handed them lemons, they decided to make lemonade. They sold most of their belongings and moved to a small town in Wyoming. They’ve decided to start over, living with less in their 665 square foot guest cabin while they save up money to buy land and build a house.

Living with Less:: Assortment Blog Home Tour


They’ve opted for simplicity and less fuss. And a daily choice to live with intention.

Living with Less:: Assortment Blog Home Tour

{Living Room}

Their home is a beautiful example of purpose. Everything having a place with no need for extras. Could the same be said for your home?

Do you need all 3 sets of dishes, those dozen extra decorative pillows or all 101 different accessories and trinkets shoved in every spare corner of your house? If you aren’t using them, why are you holding onto them?

Home Tour:: Assortment Blog


For whatever reason, we have a tight grip on our stuff. It gives us comfort and security. We’re afraid to get rid of this or that in case a need in the future arises for them. This is my struggle. I hold onto lots of things ‘in case’ a year from now I’m looking for it or need it. What if I get the itch to use that purple pillow I have in storage a year from now? Or need that extra set of dishes for a big dinner party I may or may not throw at some point.

Living with Less:: Assortment Blog Home Tour


But, what if instead we kept only things that we really needed or things that had purpose in our homes? I love what Carmella says in sharing their story. Instead of their security being linked to their finances or all the stuff they own,  their ‘life security meant adjusting parameters to ensure more time for passions, and less for obligations.’

Having more stuff means more to keep track of, more to clean and more unnecessary things that are filling our lives and homes.

The less we have the more time we have for our families, friends and passions, the important things in life.

Thanks to Carmella for allowing me to feature her home. You can check out their home in last month’s issue of Country Living Magazine.

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  1. Michael says

    I’m obsessed with this concept. Have you ever seen the 100 things blogs where people only have 100 things that they own.

    I really wish I was there on the minimalist front.

  2. says

    So true. I would love to get rid of stuff. I am actually looking forward to our reno because it is the perfect excuse to get rid of things. It’s too much to take care of. The kids don’t seem to appreciate what they when they have too many choice too.

    • says

      Yes! I’m hoping to purge a ton before we actually move into the house we are renovating. And that’s so true with kids. The more choices they have the more they don’t appreciate what they do have.

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