What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up

What do you want to be when you grow up? This is the question we all got asked at some point when we were younger. Some of you may have answered that you wanted to be a lawyer, an astronaut, a doctor or a veterinarian.  My answer to this question was always an interior designer.

Your inner child knew

I vividly remember going over to my friend’s house on Sundays after church and playing with her dollhouses. We would spend hours re-arranging the furniture and playing with the accessories until we got them just right. Once we were finished decorating the dollhouse, we were ready to move onto the next thing. We never had a desire to actually play with the dolls in the house itself.

For my birthday one year, I also remember asking for some decorating software for our desktop computer. I would pop in the CD-Rom and spend hours changing the paint color of walls and creating layouts with furniture while most kids my age were playing Nintendo.

Gallery Wall of Frames

{Gallery Wall of Frames}

Fast-forward to high school and college, if I were asked that same question, I had no idea how to respond. The real world seemed to have endless possibilities for jobs and a career and I had no idea what my real skills were or what I would enjoy.

What happened to my childhood answer?

I ended up getting a degree in marketing in college because I knew it would allow me the flexibility to do a variety of jobs. An option that was generic to avoid picking the ‘wrong’ degree or career path. Even after I graduated, I still didn’t know what I really wanted to do. With a business degree I assumed the next step was to work at a large corporation, wear suits and heels everyday and work with excel spreadsheets and numbers. All of those things sounded dreadful.

Pallet Antler Wall Art

{Pallet Antler Wall Art}

Luckily, I had the opportunity to intern in the music industry one summer and fell in love with the laid back and casual atmosphere the industry offered. I was also lucky enough to get a job at a major record label soon after I graduated and it was there that I started forming my answer to the question I couldn’t answer for so long.

I never really thought of myself as a creative person. But, somehow over those next few years my creativity blossomed. I opened an Etsy shop selling handmade paper products, started this blog and got to spread my wings and explore set designing in my job. Working in a creative environment opened up a part of me that I didn’t know was there.

DIY Curtain Rod with Knobs

{DIY Curtain Rod with Knobs}

My confidence in design and decorating continued to grow and eventually turned into a true passion. If someone asked me today that same question we all got asked, I’m not sure I really have an answer still. But, I know I want to continue pushing myself creatively. I want to continue blogging and working on creative projects and learning more about design and interior decorating. I know what I like, what I’m good at and have goals I’m striving towards.

Somehow, my inner child knew what my true passions and talents were. It was just a matter of re-discovering them as an adult.

And I think that is probably true for most of us.

What about you? What was your answer to that question and are you pursuing that career currently?

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