House Update

We haven’t started renovating just yet, but we are officially one step closer to getting started.

The house we bought was originally built in 1919 and is part of a historic district in town. Because of that, any exterior changes must go before a review board for prior approval. This is to maintain the character of these homes and also ensure that the exterior of the homes on the street fit within the overall neighborhood.

New House

With our house, we are adding an addition onto the back and adding a porte cochere {carport} onto the driveway. Most homes in this area don’t have garages, but we would like to have our cars partially covered. You can see the drawings for both the addition and carport here.

The other major change to the exterior we were wanting to do was paint the brick. The current brick on the home was a bit too ‘orange’ for my taste, but I could live with it if I had to. The main issue was finding an exact match of the current brick for the addition. To avoid having two slightly different brick colors for the house, painting the brick was the preferred solution.

You can see the proposed color selections for the brick paint color, trim, shutters, etc. below.

Color Selections- New House

These proposed changes to the exterior and color selections went before the design review board a few weeks ago and I’m happy to say that they were all approved! The only stipulations are that we have to have wood windows on the front of the home {instead of aluminum clad which will be on the rest of the house} and a ribbon driveway {a driveway with grass between two pieces of concrete where car tires drive on}.

I think painting the brick is going to make a huge impact for curb appeal. The new neutral brick paint color will also help make the details like the landscaping, shutters and trim really pop.

And just for fun, I added a few of the color selections to the picture to give you an idea of how it will look in the end.

New House with Painted Brick

Not the most perfect picture, but you get the idea.

The company helping us with the renovations, Highland Homes, is working on getting all the permits right now. As soon as we have those, the games will begin!

What do you think about the painted brick look? Have you ever painted brick on your home?

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